Palestinian Muslims Biggest Fear: War Against ISIS Will Affect Funding

While a Christian holocaust is happening in Iraq, you’d think the Palestinians would show a drop of sympathy for their Arab brethren getting killed by the droves. But now it has been revealed that their main concern is that the US led coalition’s assault on ISIS will affect their funding and therefore, the Palestinian Authority prefer no action be taken against the Islamic State.

The Jerusalem Post reported: ‘The Palestinian Authority has expressed concern that the international coalition against Islamic State would divert attention from the Palestinian issue. Last weekend, PA President Mahmoud Abbas chaired a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah to discuss the US efforts to form a coalition to fight Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Following the meeting, the Palestinian leaders said that the “international campaign against terrorism was currently lacking a political dimension that would address the issues of the region.”

They also warned that the campaign did not deal with the “core and central issue, which is the Palestinian cause, so that it would be able to dry up the sources that feed terrorism and extremism.” The Palestinian leaders called on the Arab, regional and international parties to insist on linking their anti-terrorism campaign to a political dimension and not to focus only on military and security aspects.’

This means that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmud Abbas actually thinks that ISIS is massacring Christians and Kurds because Israel rules over Judea and Samaria. The logic is so upside down it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s suppose for  a minute he’s right. Let’s say ISIS is upset at the way Israel treats the Palestinians. Why would they take it out on poor innocent Christians and Kurds in Iraq? What do they have to do with any of it? What did they ever do to anyone?

Spokesman for the PA Nabil Abu Rudaineh, , stated that without resolving the Palestinian issue “there would be no solutions for the problems of the region.”

How blatantly self centered can they be? Thousands of unarmed Christians and Kurds are being massacred in droves in Iraq and this Palestinian official thinks that the solution to ending the aggression is to give palestinians a state or whatever concession they’re demanding these days? Does he really think ISIS is executing children because there’s no palestinian state? does he not realize ISIS could care less about a palestinian state? Does he not see that the root cause of the ongoing holocaust in Iraq is not the fault of the Jewish state but rather the Islamic state?

The answer is that of course he knows it has nothing to do with Israel. So why insult our intelligence with such sinister spin? Well, for one thing, the Palestinians have been insulting our intelligence with spin ever since they convinced the world that they’re a people entitled to land that never belonged to them (Israel). so why stop now?

The other more important reason is because until now, the palestinians were the sponge of western sympathy in the middle east.  The palestinians were the region’s charity case whose plight deserved more attention that starving children in Africa. Every country from Norway to Japan felt sorry for them and their narrative. But now a regional massacre is making a few Israeli security checkpoints look like small potatoes and the palestinians aren’t having it. The reason is because when the west viewed them as the region’s charity case, they were treated as such and subsequently showered with foreign currency. In fact, between 2008-2010, foreign aid to the palestinian authority amounted to no less than $7.7 billion dollars. That’s $2.8 billion dollars a year, almost as much as US aid to Israel to an authority with 1/7th of Israel’s population. But unlike Israel who supplies the US with defense, pharmaceutical and cyber security aid in return, the palestinians don’t provide the US (or anyone in the world for that matter) with much of anything. Palestinians are the largest per capita recipients of international development assistance in the world making them the world’s wealthiest welfare recipient. They do not want people in the middle east who are truly suffering to steal their thunder, even to the point of marginalizing an ongoing holocaust in Iraq to serve their financial greed.

Abu Rudaineh added that any regional alliances should lead to “ending the occupation and preserving the national rights of the Palestinians.”

Don’t worry buddy. that’s been and will continue to be happening for quite some time now with the US and the EU sparing no opportunity to badger and pressure Israel into territorial concessions or suicidal cease fires all in the name of palestinian national rights. But the palestinian national cause is no longer just about conquering Israel and pushing the Jews into the sea, palestinian national cause has extended to extorting pity-money from world powers and their hard working taxpayers.


David Sidman is our Israel correspondent