ISIS is Islamic then what is It?

Keith Davies political Commentator

Based on The Obama administration’s logic as well as the prime minister of UK David Cameron – “Islamic terrorists are not Islamic”. If this is true, then based on the historical facts of brutal violence against innocent people by Islam this would mean that the Prophet Mohammed was also not Islamic, nor Saladin nor Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha. If you do not know whom Saladin or Mustafa Pasha were then that is a major part of the problem why the world is so messed up with the threat of (not) Islamic terror or whatever it is. To understand the history of Islam is to understand why today we are suffering from the problem of Islamic terror and the renewal of the Islamic Caliphate



Kara Mustafa Pasha

Kara Mustafa Pasha

ISIS is killing and murdering non-Muslims as well as secular Muslims. Liberals as well as Rhinos want to fantasize that Islam is this peaceful religion that never used violence ever in its history. It seems that most Americans have never looked at the violent Islamic history especially if you are a liberal or a Rhino.

One hundred years ago during World War One the Ottoman Turks (not) Islamic if you are liberal; murdered approximately three million Christians, about 1.5 million Armenians, 700,000 Chaldeans and about 800,000 Greek Orthodox in the name of Allah. This is very well documented in history. In the United States there are hundreds of thousands of descendants of the survivors of that first Genocide of the twentieth century who can relate the stories of their grand parents (we have related one story on our site). Today even the left wing Jews of the ADL and other Jewish organizations recognize the major anti Semitism of the current Turkish regime. Let us also not forget that the perpetration of the holocaust on the Jews by Hitler was not just inspired by the Ottoman genocide of the Armenians but also gave Hitler and the Nazis the actual road map on how to do it. The Ottomans used cattle cars, forced labor, concentration camps, and death by starvation, forced marches as well as mass killings. The only thing that Hitler did to “improve” efficiency in his holocaust of the Jews was to build gas chambers and crematoria.

ISIS follows the teachings of the Quran and the Sunna. They follow exactly the words and actions of their Prophet Mohammed by killing all those infidels who are “non believers,” or “hypocrites”, yet our government and our media both left and right wish to live in a world of fantasy that Islam is the Utopian religion of peace that can never do anything wrong.

The problem today is not so much as that Islam is violent and expansionist, this has been the problem from the very start of its existence but the real problem is our leaders, politicians, bishops, pastors and rabbis who wish to deny the reality of Islam like an alcoholic denies his alcoholism. The solution for an alcoholic that eventually recovers is he needs to go to the lowest of the low before he is willing to seek recovery. If our readers think we have seen the worst of the depravity and denial we have yet more to see, your frustration will be tested tens times greater than it is now. Many more millions will die not just because Islam does what Islam does but because we will be very late to the game before we actually will do anything about it.

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