John Kerry says U.S. at War with ‘This Enemy of Islam’ ISIS

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) came to prominence and notoriety when he famously shouted, ‘You Lie’ at Barack Obama during the president’s speech to a joint session of Congress. If ever there was a prime opportunity for a reprise, it occurred during an exchange between Wilson and Secretary of State John Kerry.

Wilson asked Kerry if the U.S. was at war. If Kerry’s response had been a yes or no, the clip below would be no more than five seconds. As it was, Kerry took a more circuitous route to his answer, which was beyond ridiculous. After several seconds of hemming and hawing, Kerry said if someone would like to call it a war, they’re free to do so but that the war is “with this enemy of Islam”.

Yes, in Kerry’s twisted mind, a group that identifies itself as the Islamic State is an enemy of Islam:

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