The War with ISIS Will Fail And Will Advance Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The greatest threat to the faithful is when God every now and then and throughout history shoots forth the word “beast” in the Bible. When John or Daniel say “beast,”  they mean: be on the look out, study every world power and every political situation and weigh everything to see if a “threat” to the faithful is on the horizon.

Its that simple.

When John in Revelation 13 used the word “beast”, he took Daniel’s beasts that appeared throughout history and lumped them into a tortilla and wrapped them in one combination burrito which included a consuming Leopard (Asia Minor), stomping Bear (Persia) and a mouth of a Lion (Babylon). The mouth simply talks and spews heresies and blasphemies in which it directs spiritually both, the Leopard and the Bear which will eventually consume the mouth and shut it up, forever. It is crucial to notice that the biblical Babylon of end-times is not ancient Babylon since all the references to her never mentions its ancient vicinities. There is no mention of Babel, Sumer, Calneh A’kkad or Erech, but simply Dedan, Dumah and Kedar which are in the other part of ancient Babylon in Arabia. Yet this by no means excludes a position for the original Babylon, it too will become part of this consuming threat. 

So today, we take a look from the watchtower and we see Turks revealing their old leopard spots, we see Persia, the bear, lurking here and there looking for flesh to consume, while we see Iraq and Arabia (Babylon) which inspired both throughout history also becoming nervous, so we take note. We ask, who is going to bed with them and how will these combine to become a major threat to the west. 

Today everyone is focused on ISIS while the man on the watchtower looks at the horizon, he sees a different beast (threat) lurking to consume much flesh.  And while the United States rummages to find an end for ISIS, its miscalculation by pulling its troops from Iraq and its refusal to reposition its most important asset, its military on the ground it will simply advance other players in the region, that is Iran (the bear) and Turkey (the leopard).

And we already see one major player’s temptations at work, British Prime Minister David Cameron is already being lured by the persian prostitute, Iran when he said:

“if Iran is willing to join the international community to defeat Isis then we will work with them on that, but will be clear you cannot take one approach in Baghdad and another in Damascus. You need a political solution in both if you are serious about defeating Isis.”

Cameron will meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the next two days in New York and ask him for help to fight the violent desert pimp; The Islamic State, ISIS. This would be the first romantic flirtation between the two leaders since Tehran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.

While the United States will not go to bed with Iran publicly, it will accept Iran into its fest against ISIS and will likely rendezvous secretly with her in the wee hours of the night.

Beware, any victories in the wars in Iraq and Syria against al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and ISIS, if they are achieved, they are precarious and they often backfire. This applies to any backers, be they Sunni or Shiite, the Arab pimps are simply taking part in fragmenting Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

The average American was never told the truth, which is, that their nation, the United States, has inadvertently encouraged Islamic fundamentalists, be it Sunni or Shiite, to divide the Arab region and allowed Iran to soon get paid for its harlotry and dominate Iraq, Syria and Yemen, via the Houthis.

The Houthies in Yemen are to be watched. Yemen is in the mix of biblical proclamations, and if in doubt, see biblical Teman and how its an important piece of the prophetic equation. In 2011, Yemenis rejoiced at the toppling of their dictatorial president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had ruled for 33 years. The average American could not even pronounce his name much to think of the man as a tyrant dictator. The American was sold a lie by Obama, that the Middle East needed him to remove tyrants. Even the generals at the battle with ISIS are not listening to their president in arming Syrian jihadists and Obama’s mask has been revealed. The ousting of Saleh (the name literally means good),  was the third successful revolution of the Arab Spring, following the overthrow of dictators in Tunisia and Egypt.

But, as elsewhere, reconciliation did not follow revolution, on the contrary, over the weekend, after a weeklong siege of Sana, the capital of Yemen, rebels suddenly ousted Yemen’s prime minister and captured the Defense Ministry, the government television station and the central bank. On Sunday, President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi signed an agreement dictated by the rebels, known as the Houthis, and facilitated by a United Nations envoy.

A history lesson says that the Shiite Houthis consider themselves successors of the Zaydi Imamate that ruled parts of Yemen for 1,000 years before its rule was ended in a 1962 coup and they want that back. Now you can see how America, while she is a great warrior, its a lousy cook, that when it stirs a pot, it burns the stew.

On the Arab street, everyone knows that the Houthis are acting as agents of Iran, which backs them.

And what do Houthis want? Houthi followers gathered in the streets, some chanting “Death to America! Death to the Jews! Victory to Islam”, while armed supporters in civilian clothes deployed alongside government soldiers across Sanaa.

Houthi-government protesters

Houthi Anti-government protesters

But besides the Houthi’s who are allied with Iran, the Bear, we have Iranian backed Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon which furthers Iranian interests in the Levant and are seen as anti ISIS which the United States is quite about since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, the United States is busy focused on ISIS.

All these trans-border armies, whether Hezbollah or ISIS see themselves as makers of a new history by overturning Sykes-Picot. These are the armies that aim to destroy and abolish borders. As it seems, no one is standing in their way no matter how and what NATO does. All what NATO will do is to strengthen Iranian hegemony.

ISIS and al-Nusra Front are simply stupid ideologues. They are unaware that when they directly contribute to the collapse of Syria and Iraq, no matter how much they think they are making history, in reality are setting the stage for Iran.

And as if that is not enough. Lets focus on Iraq.

For now, the Shiite Iraqi Sistani is the one calling the shots in Iraq. He is of almost mythological stature to millions of followers in Iraq and beyond, has seized his most active role in politics in a decade.


Sistani rules from the holy city of Najaf and has asserted his dominance over public affairs, demanding politicians choose a new government without delay and potentially hastening the end of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s eight-year tenure.

Sistani, an Iranian born Shia and is considered Iraq’s most respected leader. His fatwa, or religious ruling, is expected to galvanize a significant movement from within Iraq’s majority-Shia population. Al-Sistani is, after all, the most influential voice for Iraq’s estimated 20 million Shia faithful.

Despite his identification as a sectarian leader, the 84-year-old Sistani has been so far thought to be by westerners as a moderating influence in Iraqi politics.

Iran, Washington’s principal adversary in the region and a Shia power, has mobilized its elite Quds forces from its Revolutionary Guards. But Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president, has reportedly assured al-Maliki that Iran will not invade. Ya, sure!

But wisdom says that we should read the writing on the wall, as we said years ago, the king of Babylon’s days are numbered and Iran will soon be moving in and another great enemy will arise against the U.S. and Israel.

Iraq today, as we predicted years ago, in fact, as Daniel predicted (we stole the info from Daniel who had no copy right to his book) centuries ago, is on the brink of collapsing into civil war and will be partitioned into three provinces and Iran, the bear will grab these three ribs in its mouth.

The chip that caused the United States to loose the chess game was her repositioning her pawns from Iraq to the United States. The reason for the move is simple; the United States sees no need for Iraqi oil, if not all of Arab oil, since it took stock of its own growth from the massive oil reserves. This will also diminish Saudi Arabia’s influence which the oil was her luster to lure her American lovers to defend her from the pimps who lurk in the desert. Saudi Arabia, the harlot, will soon be ravished and burned, alive via Iran’s nuke.

The other beast, Turkey has called for a staged ’emergency’ meeting for NATO after ISIS (supposedly) kidnapped 73 of its citizens. And while these citizens where enjoying espresso and Shish-Kabobs (courtesy by ISIS), it made the excuse to shun away the U.S. and as we predicted prior to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s visit to Turkey, since ISIS is its ball wrecker used by the Leopard to smash borders and pave the way for Turkey’s Ottoman expansion insuring Ankaras expansion into Northern Iraq. Turkey today is now more than ever open to the idea of establishing the state of Kurdistan which bodes terribly for the United States aiding and abetting the Peshmerga in its fight against ISIS. Kurdistan will eventually join the Islamic dream of Turkey.

Iran might be conformable with the ISIS “gift” in the context of its negotiations with the West, but ISIS remains a thorn in Iran’s side, both in Iraq and Syria. It will not be easy for Iran to defeat ISIS, regardless of whether it attempts this directly or through its ally Hezbollah. In effect, entrusting the task of fighting ISIS to Hezbollah, as America thinks, could lead to mutual exhaustion and attrition. While this is sweet music to American ears, war between Hezbollah and ISIS will make Hezbollah battle hardened and experienced which will turn eventually on Israel. Even Christ Himself fights in Lebanon (Isaiah 10, Lebanon/Joel 3, Tyre)

Soon we will see Iran moving in. After all, the United States is unlikely to take action in Yemen especially that the Shiite Houthis are enemies of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the U.S. is busy fighting ISIS. The war on ISIS takes precedence over challenging Iran’s growing influence in the region.

The rebellion in Yemen has also given Iran the upper hand in its rivalry with Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Peninsula. Houthis are a mortal foe of Saudi Arabia, which is another chip lost in the chess game for Saudi Arabia which in the long run will have to contend with Iran (biblical Elam) when it will announce war against the Arab harlot and burn it via a nuke (see Isaiah 21).

The United States is in check; its influence during 2011 fractured the Middle East to a point of no return. While we get excited over bombing ISIS, it matters little, the Islamist cat is out of the box and the superpowers in the region, Iran and Turkey know it and they are poised to arise and eat much flesh.