Turkey Will Soon Invade Egypt As The “Experts” Are Now Seeing Clearly

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

As I completed a radio interview this noon with Dick Morris, who was the advisor an an expert analyst to President Clinton, I began to contemplate, why would someone who knew his analysis on things political consult me on ISIS and the Middle East? Is it because I was smart? No, its because I was right. Why was I right? Again, to be right is in the hand of every individual on earth, just reach out to the dusty Bible on your shelf, study every verse in which you find the word “wise” and every verse that has the phrase “Thus says the Lord”.

Morris expressed his conversion from democrat to republican. I insisted he still needs to go more extreme, he’s not there, yet. Once he does, he will begin to see the future and design his advise to Fox News accordingly.

I enjoyed talking to Dick. Indeed, we still have work to do, fix the democrat. Here is what the democrat thinks about me:

“Walid Shoebat, one of the conservative media’s favorite anti-Muslim commentators, yesterday posted a sixpart series arguing that Turkey will emerge during the End Times as an “Antichrist nation” and may soon invade Egypt.

According to Shoebat, Russia’s support for Syria’s brutal dictatorship — which Shoebat praises — and its plan to “eliminate the Sodomite movement including all mosques,” is proof that Russia will stand up against and fight Turkey and its Islamist allies such as the Muslim Brotherhood during the Last Days.

This is what Right Wing Watch wrote on February 24, 2014, beginning of this year. They were trying to expose my nuttiness, madness and utter lunacy when I etched my first lines:

“Today, the Brotherhood is parking in Turkey after being overthrown in Egypt and the Turks will aid the Islamist movement in Egypt to rise against the secularists. The next few years will show this struggle intensify until Turkey invades Egypt. This does not pass without repercussions. Few focus closely to Daniel 11:44, that “news from the north” (Russia) will trouble the King of the North (Turkey/antichrist).”

Actually as I switch back and forth between my Christian mindset and the old Muslim mindset, I do not blame either Loon Watch or Right Wing Watch to think I am a loon; Had you told me when I was Muslim that the Bible had predicted Turkey will arise someday and invade Egypt, or that Egypt as we have seen in the last few years, will divide within itself in street warfare where neighbor was fighting neighbor as something described in Isaiah 19, and then to tell me that all this was predicted in the Bible, I too would think you’ve gone mad.

And as we wrote months ago:

“Even Jesus insisted that Pergamum (Turkey) in Revelation 2:12-13, was the seat of Antichrist and not the gymnastically altered interpretation for an archeological relic that sits in Berlin or the fanciful SciFi version of Left Behind. It is Turkey who will use the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood as we see them today using Qaradawi and it will ultimately invade Egypt:

“He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushitese in submission.” (Daniel 11:42)

We predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood was not over and will return victoriously after they join Turkey. This despite that they were ousted when Mursi was toppled and the Muslim Brotherhood leaders were hunted. And while the world thought they were near extinction, we declared they were all wrong and as it turns out we were right.

Either these “loons” in the Bible, were prophets from God, or these “loons” where perfect guessers, there is no escape.

But even if I didn’t believe in God, who will I bet on, a perfect guesser or a perfect failure like Obama?

And now, almost two decades after we made our predictions that we stole from a Jew named Daniel (who did not include a Copyright clause on his book), who etched his predictions about Egypt around 2,619 years ago, and his predictions now are becoming more obvious. Today, its not just loons like us who still believe that “Turkey will use the Muslim Brotherhood to invade Egypt,” but is also believed by top sane experts and sound-minded analysts (where were they two decades ago?) who are seeing that the Muslim Brotherhood are not over, yet, and that they are partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood for a comeback to smash the gates of Assisi using the arm of their new giant, Turkey. Here, this is via Fox News which it just broke:

Turkey may welcome Muslim Brotherhood brass after ouster from Qatar. They’re pariahs in much of the Middle East, but the Muslim Brotherhood may find the welcome mat in Turkey, a NATO ally that nonetheless seems unmoved by regional and western pressure to shun the Islamist organization … Their next destination seems clear, and their agenda – the overthrow of secular leaders in Middle Eastern nations – remains the same, say observers.

“Turkey is going to grant asylum to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders,” Benjamin Weinthal, Europe-based research fellow at Washington’s Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told FoxNews.com. “The Muslim Brotherhood has already announced, according to reports, that they plan to use their refugee status in Turkey to destabilize… and try to overthrow Egypt’s [current] government. It’s startling, because you have a NATO member, Turkey, that will probably provide refuge to Muslim Brotherhood leaders who will seek to overthrow Egypt.

“If they file a request to move to Turkey we will assess their situation and they can move to Turkey if there is no reason to prevent their entry,” Erdogan said.

“Qatar and Turkey both gave sanctuary to the Muslim Brotherhood after it was ousted from Egypt, and both currently support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas,” Eric Mandel wrote Thursday in the Jerusalem Post … Weinthal charges that Turkey is an unreliable partner for the U.S. and the west in its fight against the Islamic extremism.

“Erdogan has refused to join the current U.S.-driven coalition to eliminate the Islamic State from Iraq and Syria. Turkey is a recruitment center for Islamic State fighters,” Weinthal said. “When I was on the Turkey-Syria border at this time last year I saw how porous the border is, and how Turkey’s lax policy showed no real effort to enforce the border. I witnessed radical Islamists crossing into Syria on a regular basis.”

For now though, Turkey appears set continue to provide a base for the Muslim Brotherhood, and Erdogan is unlikely to easily give up on his backing of the group having for so long nailed his colors to their mast. Paradoxically, the U.S. and NATO have come to rely on Turkey as a bridge to the East, which Weinthal called a mistake.

“Erdogan has incarcerated the most number of journalists in the world. He has passed the internet control law further eroding press freedoms and freedom of expression in Turkey, and he has directly and indirectly supported Islamic State on his border to dislodge Assad’s regime.”

And did we not, decades ago warn that Turkey being part of NATO is a mistake? Yet they are only now beginning to realize it?

In regards to the other issue that the Right Wing Watch brings, my support for Syria’s Bashar Assad against the Jihadist Free Syrian Army. This they objected during a time that most thought that Bashar needed to go and that we needed to support the Free Syrian Army. As it seems, so many, even in the liberal government of the United States, have began to attend the confession booth, and decided to stop that support. They too will not agree with Right Wing Watch.

As far as my support for Putin and Russia, as I told my friend, Michael Savage yesterday on his radio program, he is the wisest Jew I know in modern times, I told him that Russia’s take over Crimea was God ordained to remove the defensive buffer between Russia and Turkey in order for the “threat from the north” (Russia) advance its air raids against the King of the North (Antichrist/Turkey).


And I am still waiting for someone from the Prophecy Mania crowd to refute my Six Part Series on the subject.

The foremost condemnation by Right Wing Watch is on my views (especially my son’s), regarding the gay agenda. In their view, a hairy old male geezer packing fudge with another hairy old male geezer is normal.

Yet I never found any liberal male who says “yes” in support for the gay agenda, say “yes” to a simple blunt question: would you take it from behind?

“O No” they instantly respond adding “but who am I to judge what men do in their bedroom?” they exclaim.

Why then focus on me for believing its disgusting?

How can one even imagine to think to tell a child that his grandpa in the photo above takes it from behind?

One of the most common accusations that self-described anti-Christian experts like to launch against Christians is that they are awaiting a fantasy utopian kingdom that belongs in “Lala-Land.”

But are Christians the only ones who are longing for a utopia? Everyone fights for their own version of a utopia; Communism, Nazism, Islamism, and even the worship of the Emperor in Japan were all founded on a utopian dream that failed miserably. Meanwhile the supposedly backward and hyper-religious, (or alternately wicked) Right-Wing Christian America managed to turn out on top. Yes, America is sinful in many respects. But at least we confess our sins out in the open. And America will continue to survive so long as the other utopian ideologies don’t destroy us from within.

And to be frank, my utopia these days is to listen to church bells all around my town:

In conclusion, it is sad that we live in a world where everyone calls the other side they want to disqualify “loon,” but perhaps its time to choose which “loon” to believe, the loon who usually guesses things correct, or the loons who usually guesses things incorrect. We each must choose our loons wisely.

As for me, I thank God daily for giving me an Eve and for sending me the Book of Daniel, and of course, the sound of Church Bells.