The Puritans Were Just As Violent As The Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat

The Puritans are almost always portrayed as a peaceful and persecuted bunch, but they were a very revolutionary, seditious, and violent people. I did a video on this:

England was plunged into an environment of Puritan blood rage and unreasonable fundamentalism. In the words of Hume, “fanaticism had its own language, it was a new jargon invented by the fury and hypocrisy of the times.” The Puritans wanted “No king, no nobility,” and like every leftists or progressive, the Puritans wanted “universal equality.” To use the words of Hume, “it was, in short, necessary to fanaticize the people with notions of perfect equality, to assure the obedience of the masses, and gradually to form a coalition against the monarchy.”

These Puritans were no different than Muslims in their violence and sanguine fanaticism. They took the king, Charles I, and sentenced him to be beheaded. Before he was decapitated, this king spoke the words of a martyr. “I go,” he said, “from a corruptible to an incorruptible crown, where no disturbance can have place.” The savage heretic snapped his head off, and then lifted his head up high before the wicked mob, and said with demonic fury:

This is the head of a traitor!

Once the Puritans took over England they, like most revolutionaries, had no idea how to properly run a nation without the frenzy and rapacious nature of a vicious and mobbish tyrant. The Puritan terrorists now ran the country, they did no under the guise of a fundamentalist cult and religion.

Increases taxes, unheard of in the reign of the monarchy, were despotically imposed, and people unworthy of the position were given seats of power. In the words of Hume, “having gained a complete victory over the crown, they found themselves loaded with a multiplicity of taxes, formerly unknown; and scarcely an appearance of law and liberty remained in the administration. Every office was entrusted to the most ignoble part of a nation; a base populace exalted above their superiors; hypocrites, exercising iniquity under the visor of religion. … Never had England known a more severe and arbitrary government, than was exercised by the patrons of liberty.”

Puritans beheading King Charles I

Puritans beheading King Charles I

What is most interesting is how the Puritan rulers said that all religions should be tolerated, except for Catholicism. They hated Catholicism so much that they would have rather tolerated Islam or some other heresy over the Catholic Church. This of course was all done under the guise of freedom. They were of the same spirit of those rebels in the French Revolutionary, which was also very anti-Catholic. Hume explains:

“A considerable party declaimed against the tithes and a hireling priesthood, and were resolved that the magistrate should not support by power or revenue any ecclesiastical establishment; each should have the liberty of supporting the one he preferred. All religions should be tolerated, except Catholicism.”

All those who love to talk about liberty all day, are the very likely the ones who will kill you in the name of liberty.

This historical reality suffices to show what the Puritans were really about, and that was power and control. To create their own theocracy like ISIS wants to establish their own Islamic state.