Muslim Turkey Being Ignored When it comes to Relations Between U.S., Russia, and China

Relations between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are obviously very strained, as Obama’s trip to China has demonstrated visually. This is also against a backdrop of improved relations between Russia and China.


International media is noting the friction between Obama and Putin but continues to focus exclusively on Russia’s annexation of Crimea and actions in Ukraine as being the lone bone of contention. What continues to get ignored is Turkey’s role in all of this.

A few brief encounters between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin during an Asia-Pacific summit in China on Tuesday spoke volumes about the chilly state of relations between the United States and Russia.

With the two men crossing paths twice this week, first in Beijing and later at a G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, there was little chance they could avoid interacting on the international stage – and with the eyes of the world press and fellow leaders upon them.

Obama and Putin have never had anything close to personal chemistry, and with tensions high especially over Russia’s role in the conflict in Ukraine, there was little warmth on display in their contacts at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

Regardless of one’s stance on Russia’s actions in Ukraine, western media’s focus on that at the exclusion of NATO’s actions during the Arab Spring smacks of propagandistic discretion. NATO is / has been doing across the Middle East and North Africa for more than three years now what Russia has been doing in Ukraine. Yet, the largest beneficiary of NATO’s actions has been that entity’s second largest member state – Turkey.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in these regions strengthens Turkey and weakens every other NATO member. This reality threatens two nations in particular – Russia and China. China’s Muslim Uyghur problem in it’s northwestern Xinjiang province is increasingly being facilitated by the Turks, who consider the region to be East Turkistan. China obviously must consider this a threat to its sovereignty and an excitation of domestic insurrections.

As for Russia, there is a reason it is backing Egypt’s Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. The alternative, which Turkey is frothing at the mouth to realize, is the reinstatement of the Muslim Brotherhood there; this is precisely what the Obama administration wants as well. It clearly pits Russia against Turkey there – and the U.S. by extension. It also puts Israel and Russia on the same side in that theater, which should give all Americans great pause.

A near carbon copy of what happened in Libya is taking place in Syria. The Obama administration – in league with Muslim Brotherhood agents – and Turkey, with the help of ISIS, is attempting to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. This clearly demonstrates that the Obama administration is on the side of ISIS in Syria. Again, how is what the U.S. is doing in Syria different from what Russia is doing in Ukraine?

What the conspiratorial New World Order / Alex Jones crowd refers to as the Neocon attempt to take over the world is really something much more pedestrian (as is usually the case with conspiracy theories).


The truth is there are western leaders and very influential policy advisors who believe that the best way to achieve western dominance across Asia is to use the Muslim Brotherhood – which necessarily includes NATO member Turkey – to weaken Russia and China. There is really no better example of this than that of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is an entrusted Obama foreign policy advisor to this day. Brzezinski is credited with drawing up and implementing the strategy of arming and supporting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviets, as reported.

Brzezinski’s contempt for Russia is deep-seated; he wears it on his sleeve and its part of his being. Understandably, its origins have merit but anyone can see that clinging to the same strategy in the 21st century is horribly misguided fare; just look at the fruits. Christians are being slaughtered and an Ottoman Empire is incubating.

Even if one is to accept that the policy of using the Mujahideen to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 20th Century should be expanded to using the Muslim Brotherhood / Turkey to defeat Russia and China in the 21st, there is at least one extremely inherent flaw. That flaw has been the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., to include significant levels of infiltration.

The flaw in strategies espoused by the likes of Brzezinski is the failure to properly estimate the power of the Muslim Brotherhood’s vote and its objectives which include, by the way, a 30-year plan to implement Sharia law in America; that plan commenced in 1990 at the instruction of Spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, as reported.

All of this says nothing about how Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. led to the 9/11 attacks and an obvious underestimation of the group’s capacity to commit acts of mass destruction. While Brzezinski’s strategy took a hit after 9/11, the attacks themselves foreshadow a future America that comes from playing with fire.

The dangerously misguided belief in this strategy of using the Brotherhood to help the west dominate Eurasia may go a long way in explaining why the likes of Senator John McCain defended Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, when Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) raised legitimate questions about Abedin back in 2012:

McCain clearly subscribed to the idea that what the Mujahideen helped do to the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 20th century, the Muslim Brotherhood could assist in doing all across Eurasia in the 21st. Though Turkey is not mentioned in this 2011 clip, as the hub for a future Muslim Brotherhood-inspired movement for a Caliphate and second largest NATO member, McCain clearly must have included that country in his calculus:


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