BARRACK-AST: Stupid People Defend Man Who Calls Them Stupid

On Today’s Barrack-AST:

Jonathan Gruber is widely regarded as an Obamacare architect. He has been caught on video several times admitting that deceit had to be used in order to get the law past the American people. In making his case, Gruber insisted that the American people are stupid.

However, the people he must have been referring to as ‘stupid’ are the very same ones he (and Obama) relied on to get the bill passed. Conservatives and Obamacare opponents never fell for the deceit. The ones who did are necessarily on the left, leftists who were either in on it or duped themselves.

It can therefore be concluded that the people Gruber insists are stupid are the very ones who support – and apparently now defend – him and Obama.

Only leftists would defend those who call them stupid.

Also, does conservative media need a new strategy? Rush Limbaugh decided not to play clips from MSNBC so as not to give the fledgling network additional exposure. He’s even boasted about the results. Should this policy been applied more broadly by conservative media?

If so, what will fill the time? All over the internet, there are people like the man in Philadelphia who uncovered the Jonathan Gruber videos, people who have uncovered incredibly damaging truths about the left. If conservative media did a bit more mining for such stories and paid less attention to what the left-wing media is willfully putting forward, perhaps what the left doesn’t want revealed would get more exposure.

Contrast the three days of attention Limbaugh gave to Sandra Fluke – much to her delight – and the 80 seconds he gave to the story about Huma Abedin.


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