A Thousand Italians Riot In the Streets And Fight Against Muslims And The Islamic Religion

By Theodore Shoebat

A Thousand Italians in Rome have been rioting in the streets and even clashing with the police in their fight against Muslim immigration in their country. The tensions intensified when a new refugee center opened up in the Roman suburb of Tor Sapienza. Tommaso Ippoliti – the neighbourhood committee’s president- said

tension has never been so high in the neighbourhood. It’s been years that Tor Sapienza has been left by the Capital administration, hence recently the number of robberies and violence in the street have reached its peak.

I did a whole video on this:

Ippoliti also spoke of how dangerous it is to walk the streets of Tor Sapienza because of the massive amount immigrants living in the neighborhood:

The tension is sky-high… For years this neighbourhood has been abandoned. You can’t leave the house at night and lately the violence and thefts have increased… A few days ago a girl was molested in the afternoon while taking her dog for a walk. The committee condemns the violence last night, but the local people are rightly exasperated. We need more security.

They are also extremely upset at how Muslims, and other immigrants, have been draining the system by taking welfare, while the average Italian is just struggling to get a normal occupation. As one Italian named Alvio said:

Why do they have to be taken care of? It’s me that needs taking care of! …Even God has abandoned us

But the violence really erupted after it was said that an Italian girl was raped by an immigrant (and I am assuming the rapist was Muslim). Alvio said of the immigrants:

They hang around in groups in the park in the evenings. They make a noise, they make a mess and they leave beer bottles all over the place. And there have been robberies.

About 250 Italians attacked the refugee center screaming words such as “dirty Arabs” and “disgusting Muslims.”

Shoebat.com recently did an interview with Italian Catholic activist Tommy Paccinotti, on the tensions going on in Italy with Muslims. He explained how with the increase of Muslim immigration in Italy, comes in increase in religion amongst Italian Catholics. He also spoke about how when he and other activists rallied against Islamic immigration in Rome, police forced them to disperse while Muslims nearby were allowed to conduct their own rally and scream “Death to the Pope!” and “A good Christian is a beheaded one!” You can watch that interview here:

At least 14 people, including four police officers, were injured in the clashes with Italian conservatives in Tor Sapienza. One protestor said that the police overreacted, saying

They charged us suddenly, for no reason, while were standing still on the pavement. We wanted protection from the forces of law and order, but instead they attacked us

Matteo Salvini, one of the leaders of the protest, condemned the leftists of Italy, saying that they are the ones to blame for the flooding of immigrants in Tor Sapienza. He said:

Tor Sapienza represents the failure of the state, caused by the stupid politics of that part of the left that allows everyone to do anything they like.

ISIS recently said, “by Allah, we will not rest from our jihād until we are under the olive trees of Rome”. Well, the battle is on, and the Italian Christian militants are awaiting you. The Muslims are going to have a very hard time invading Italy with such a tenacious bunch of Christians who will resist them. The Holy League of Italy and Spain will return, Christendom will be revived, and no longer shall the blasphemous slogans of Muslims and blasphemers be heard. All that will be heard from the rising empyrean of Christendom will be, Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat!