College Students Caught Accepting ISIS and Rejecting Israel

Students at UC Berkeley prefer ISIS over Israel. If you go to the UC Berkeley campus and wave the Israeli flag, be prepared to suffer insults, profane gestures, scorn, mocking and maybe even assault from students. However, if you decide to wave the ISIS flag on campus, you will be ignored, encouraged or even embraced. Either way, waving the flag of Israel will put you in greater danger with students than waving the flag o ISIS will.

At least that’s what happened when this guy conducted such an experiment:

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how anti-Semitism in Europe became rampant in the 1930’s in the face of Nazism, this is the 21st century incarnation of that phenomenon.

As was the case with Nazis, representatives of ISIS wouldn’t think twice about murdering every member of the Berkeley campus while Israel would be no threat to them. Yet, ISIS is welcomed and Israel is scorned.

Call it a cross between brainwashing and Stockholm Syndrome.


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