The Muslim Antichrist Has Just Given The Most Important And Shocking Speech Of The Century

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) with special thanks to The Right Scoop

In what we consider to be the most shocking video recordings of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at two speeches in Istanbul which reveals the amazing evidence to what has been saying over a decade, the spirit, goal and aim of the Muslim Antichrist which seems to all manifest in Turkey’s star leader. Erdogan expressed his desire to catapult Turkey into an Islamic Empire stemming from Istanbul and covering the entire Muslim world in support of the Caliphate dream map of a ten-Muslim state confideracy.

In two remarkable astonishing recorded speeches one can summarize the definition of Antichrist, who is a Hitler type figure, except this arising prince is not originating from Europe’s Germany but from Turkey (1). The Turkish Sultan wanna be Caliph, Hitler-Erdogan,  who is beginning to fit the bill as he displayed his demonic tirades and hallucinations


proclaiming Muslims as a special people going as far as propounding the “Sun Language Theory”, which described how the Turkish language was the world’s original language from which all others were derived as in the original Babel. He claimed Muslims discovered America before Columbus and that when Cuba was first discovered it had a mosque on a hill and thereby a mosque should be built there.

Erdogan in intent was really reiterating the Quran in which it stated that the “earth belongs to Allah” and that Turkey will usher the Prince of the Faithful who will be the Caliph, Allah’s custodian of the Muslim world.

The dignitaries watching were elated at the myth though they had the pleasure of believing it. Bertrand Russell’s book Power analyzes tyranny is that it depends on a “huge system of organised lying” to keep “their followers out of contact with reality”, therefore Erdogan and Hitler have much in common, even that Hitler as in Erdogan admired Islam and wanted it for Germany instead of what he termed “flabby Christianity” when Hitler stated: “”You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness….” (Quoted from Albert Speer’s memoirs)


And in another recording of yet a more significant speech, Erdogan’s statements bears a rather striking resemblance to some of the propaganda that has come out of ISIS when the Turkish president blasted the Sykes-Picot Agreement, a secret understanding that divided up the Middle East after World War I between British and French spheres of influence showing a serious convergence of views between ISIS and Erdoğan. (2)  In this remarkable speech Erdogan says it all:


Erdogan said: “this war [WWI] shaped the Middle East today. And more importantly, it sparked all the crisis and conflicts”

He then hones in on the nesessity of a neo-Ottomanist plan complaining blaiming a western caused Sunni-Siite sectarian divide and that a western aggressive policy is taking place that aims to to dominate the region emphasising the need to revive the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, which at its peak dominated according to Erdogan “the Middle East, South East Europe, The Caucasus, and North Africa” which for centuries was under the rule of Sunni Islam before its collapse in 1918 at the end of WWI. Erdogan saying that this region was established from Ottoman sovereignty which in his view needs to be re-established:

“This is very important. Approximately 100 years ago, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Yemen, from Georgia to Libya, a very large region of the world was ruled from here, from Istanbul were we stand today”.

Erdogan vows to remove “the zigzags” (borders) saying “I will not go into detail”.

Once one putts all the pieces of his speech, Erdogan is speaking of the very map of ISIS. In what he called “Churchill’s hiccup”, referring to Churchill as a drunk who in his hiccup divided Muslim territory. ISIS explicitly are out to erase the borders that Sykes-Picot established across most of the modern Middle East intending to remove borders in order to establish the very ten Muslim state league which they currently proclaimed as 13 states, that is, after they reclaim Spain, eastern Europe and Ethiopia.



The very deadly wound and the sick man of Europe (the Ottomans) was blamed on the West and Erdogan wants to not only heal it, but to revive its deadly wound:

“The Ottoman State was able to to maintain the entire region in unity and harmony. Now we all need to accept that above all“.

The world according to Erdogan, needs to accept the Ottoman sovereignty to rule the entire Muslim world and more, not only Europe, but even the Americas was discovered by Muslims, therefore, it too belong to Islam. As revealed in the past, Erdogan now says that he wants to bring in a Shiite-Sunni unity:

“For example, the Shiite in the region has been split between three countries. Similarly, the Turkmen have been split into separate countries. The Druze of Lebanon who were very few at the time, have been divided between three countries. The Kurds have also been divided between three different countries to the point that some villages were split right down the middle. Countries such as Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, were created after WWI and were largely unheard of before.”

Erdogan is speaking of a worldwide Sunni-Shiite unification, which will include Shiite Iran. It is crucial to understand that the Iranian revolutionary leaders are also Azeri Turks and have kinship with the Ottomans. The Turks also do not hold the same animosity towards Shiite ideology, as do Sunni Arabs.

Iran can’t afford loosing its relationship with Turkey. Turkey and Iran have a common interest in preventing an independent Kurdish nation. The more the United States supports the Iraqi Kurds there will be a greater danger of an Iranian-Turkish alliance, which is what we project, will happen.

Iran and Turkey are locked into an alliance. Erdoğan even sacrificed Fethullah Gülen on the altar of Iranian-Turkish unity and it even clashed with Israel over several issues’ like the Gaza Flotilla and Erodgan’s foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s made much effort to improve ties with Iran. We have been addressing Turkey for two decades, way back when Turkey was an ally of Israel; we were laughed at when we said that the two would become mortal enemies.


The Ezekiel 38 program is on course, Gog is a leader from Turkey who unites with Persia (Iran), Libya and Egypt in the Muslim “league” (Ezekiel 30:8). Erdogan a Sunni declared it openly now, he is interested in a grand dream; uniting Shiite and Sunni, Kurd and Druze, Syrian and Turk under one banner, with the masses behind him carrying the “fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow” flags (Revelation 9:17) alongside the dragon-red flag with the two-horned crescent of Islam even aiming his attention on the woman-clothed with the sun, Israel whom through the Church and God’s appointed Messiah will crush this crescent under the woman’s feet. Erdogan’s partner, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is already crying out for not only Jerusalem, but sovereignty over what was the Holy Temple of God:

“Nothing will keep Turkey from “protecting Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque [Temple Mount]”

He also stated, while reiterating his warnings to Israel saying on Nov. 11:

“From here, I once more call on Israel and Israel’s brutal rulers: Don’t you dare considering resuming these attacks against al-Quds [Jerusalem] and the al-Aqsa Mosque [Temple Mount], regarding … internal turmoil and tension in the Islamic world as an opportunity. Even if everyone remains silent, the government of the Republic of Turkey will not keep silent”.

The situation is of two Gods, one who says “I will not be silent” when it comes to Al-Quds [Jerusalem], trying to mimic the ancient God of the Hebrew: “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch” (Isaiah 62:1) Erdogan said to the OIC (Organization of Islamic Council) that “Jerusalem is the apple of the eye of every Muslim” mimicking God “whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye” (Zechariah 2:7-8)

We stated back in July “It is crucial to note that Turkey is the best candidate to make peace between Shiites and Sunnis because they are Sufi Muslim” and now Erdogan addresses the issue, just as we predicted he will:

“when it comes to Iraq why are there such bloody conflicts between Shiite and Sunnis?”

And just as we predicted all along, Erdogan blamed Syces-Picot:

“Sykes Picot was not only meant to delineate borders, but to draw divisive borders in the mind”

Erdogan ensures:

“Allah willing we will remove all the borders in the hearts and minds that were created from WWI … trust me many people will follow our beliefs”.

Erdogan is blaming the West of fomenting all the violence forgetting that it was the imperialism of the Ottomans which created the mass persecution of Christians for centuries prior to WWI. While Erdogan claims that he does not want to interfere in each nation’s affairs, he emphasized:

“I am an ardent supporter of the absolute and definite need, to open the borders in the hearts and minds of people. If you cannot lift the borders in the hearts and minds of the people, it will never be possible to find solutions to the conflicts that have paved the region for the past 100 years.”

He asks a very crucial issue:

“take the Arabs, Kurds and the Turkmen, despite the fact that they adhere to the same beliefs, values and culture, why are they a continuous state of conflict?”

Erdogan is calling to establish a covenant “peace treaty with many” stating that Turkey is the only beacon to do this:

Turkey by taking the right steps is the only country that can ensure peace and stability in the region

He wants to bring the entire Muslim world at the table to give allegiance to the Ottomans who in his view  by bringing them to establish a peace treaty will unite the entire Muslim world.

If an antichrist is to rise, Erdogan or Davutoğlu are the two best candidates, whether one of them is or is not, these truly manifest some signs. We were correct this whole time, Erdogan, from the prophetic vision, to predicting the conspiracy aiding ISIS against the western powers. As the West is aiding the Kurds, Erdogan says it clearly, he is against it:

“Do you think those spending hundreds of millions of dollars, in order to bomb the region, brought these planes and missiles for the sake of peace? Absolutely not“.

Erdogan wants to blame the West while proclaiming himself the man to usher the true peace of Islam for Muslims.

Shockingly, Erdogan then hones in the harlot, Arabia:

“A hundred years ago there were spies in the Arabian desert aiming to destroy the Ottoman Empire and they still exist today”

Notice, the “spies” are the Arabs allied with the western coalition who a century ago gave the final crushing blow to the Ottoman and now are still current via the U.S-led coalition.

Its a century old wound and as we said, the Muslim will revenge, even if it takes him a hundred years later, we have stated it countless times, both Iran and Turkey want revenge and this means their fill of the Arab harlot’s blood, the desert which issued forth the blood-drinking religion of Islam and Mecca will pay the price through destruction. Saudi Arabia, the nation that allowed the Islamist boogeyman out of the box will be as the mother spider who gets eaten by her offspring.

And how many times we discussed Lawrence of Arabia and how Turkey holds a historic long memory against Saudi Arabia’s aid to oust the Ottomans during the Sharif Hussein revolt (1916-1918) when the Turks shelled Mecca and crushed the Black Stone, the very parallel to what’s coming in the future when Iran and Turkey destroy the harlot (see Isaiah 21). And this week, in a furious anti-Western diatribe, the Turkish president compared the outside meddling in the region now to the role the renowned British army officer played during the Arab Revolt against the Ottomans during World War I; Lawrence of Arabia and spoke on the betrayal of Saudi Arabia.

The “spy” hunt was no joke. Erdogan accused western journalists of being spies which thrilled Erdoğan’s supporters when the Turkish government went on the hunt. In southern Turkey, some local officials in his Justice and Development Party (AKP) even expressed sympathy for ISIS. Erdoğan in gestapo style, even argued there are modern-day ‘Lawrences’ in Turkey right now “disguised as journalists, religious men, writers and terrorists” to only have ‘spies’  (journalists) arrested by anti-terrorist police, three of them German after they were hauled before a court for a preliminary hearing in the southeastern Turkey of Diyarbakır.

Erdogan truly believes in his grandiose plans for Turkey to become the organizing force of the Middle East. The Ottoman Sultans, after all, were the last Caliphs, ruling over the territory that Islamic State wants to rebuild into a grotesque parody of the old Caliphates.

Erdogan’s speech marks the 100 year anniversary of the World War I which saw the collapse of the 700 year old Turkish Ottoman Empire, and is why on Friday Prime Minister Davotuglu spoke of Turkey’s Ottoman colonial territories as if they still belong to them arguing that Jerusalem has been entrusted with the Turks by Muslim caliph Omar Bin Al-Khattab when he invaded it removing the crosses from all the holy places and replacing them with crescents.


(1) See Revelation 2:12-13, Zechariah 9 “Ionia”, Ezekiel 38 “Gog” of Meschech and Tubal which is in turkey. See here for detailed explanation.

(2) In his speech Monday at a university in Istanbul.