Muslim Agitators Infiltrating Ferguson

Ferguson has once again become a magnet for Muslim agitators. One such individual is Bassem Masri, who had already been arrested there earlier this year for assaulting a Police Officer by spitting on him. Now that Ferguson has become a hot spot again as the grand jury deliberates over what to do about Officer Darren Wilson, Masri is back at it and reportedly got arrested again.

KMOV in St. Louis aired a news report about Masri after he was arrested and charged last month (h/t GWP):

Earlier this month – after he had been arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer – Masri tweeted out that he’d been contacted by Eric Holder’s DOJ for a meeting. The tweet no longer appears on Masri’s twitter feed:


When agitators were at it in Ferguson in August of this year, Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the Muslim New Black Panther Party (NBPP) at the time, led chants that called for the murder of Police officer Darren Wilson, in a video posted on August 16th. Shabazz was so over-the-top that the family of Michael Brown asked him to leave, saying that he was an instigator.

Magically, on the same night it was reported that Brown’s family wanted Shabazz to leave, Shabazz was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper and displayed a nearly hilarious level of projection. In this must watch video from August 19th, Shabazz said Ferguson had descended into chaos because of outside “provocateurs”. Intentionally lost on Shabazz was that he was describing himself. Tapper didn’t call him on it:

As Ferguson awaits the decision by the grand jury as to the fate of Wilson, a group with unidentified leadership named RbG Black Rebels is conspicuously similar to the NBPP. On its twitter feed, RbG has posted a lengthy video entitled, ‘Revolution is the Solution’ which is a tribute to a man named Dr. Khalid Muhammad. Also appearing in the video is Shabazz.

Muhammad – who died in 2001 – was so radical that even Louis Farrakhan expelled him from the Nation of Islam after Muhammad delivered an extremely racist speech. After being kicked out of NOI, Muhammad landed with NBPP as the National Chairman.


While it is not known who is behind RbG Black Rebels, it’s clearly a NBPP like-minded group. Consider the report that Brown’s family asked Shabazz to leave back on August 19th. When it came to Ferguson, Shabazz – and the NBPP by extension – suffered a blow.

Less than one week later, the very first tweet from RbG Black Rebels on August 24th:


Then, on October 16th of this year, Shabazz suddenly announced he was stepping down as NBPP National Chairman, a position he’d held since Khalid Muhammad’s death in 2001.

Though no official collaboration between Masri and RbG has been announced, the RbG twitter feed consists of several re-tweets that are either from Masri or call for his assistance in agitating (Note: Twitter is rife with people who insist re-tweets do not mean an endorsement of the original tweet but in this case… c’mon, twitter is being used to to collaborate):





Then of course, as reported, an ISIS sign reared its head in Ferguson on the same night that Tapper interviewed Shabazz:

Jake Tapper spoke to this man for two minutes while ignoring ISIS banner behind him.

Jake Tapper spoke to this man for two minutes while ignoring ISIS banner behind him.

A Muslim State Senator from Missouri – Jamillah Nasheed – has also been doing her best to agitate in Ferguson. She was arrested last month for refusing an order by police to get out of the street, as reported:


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