FED UP Woman Confronts Corrupt Politicians Who Support Construction of Mega Mosque

In the world of YouTube, some videos can reveal much about human nature. One such video is below. Jayda Fransen is running for office in Rochester, England and is disgusted at the politicians in power who have acquiesced to Muslim demands for a mega mosque, despite the people of Rochester opposing it. Their reaction when she confronts them says quite a bit.

In the first part of the video, Fransen walks into the Conservative party campaign office and demands answers about why the mega mosque is being supported. The reactions of the individuals inside is very telling. In response to very legitimate question, the only thing one guy can say (over and over) is, “Would you please leave”?

After her exchange with that office, Fransen shows no fear as she goes to the site of the proposed mosque and begins admonishing the local Muslim community, which doesn’t seem to interested in stopping her.

Knowledge of British politics is not necessary to appreciate this clip. In short, all you need to know is this woman is fed up and is trying to do something about corrupt politicians and an invasion they seem more interested in facilitating than in stopping (h/t BNI):


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