Turkey’s President Talking Like a Caliph

Barack Obama isn’t the only president who uses the politics of division. In addition to giving western nations yet another reason to kick Turkey out of NATO, that country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sounding more like a Caliph. While giving a speech in Istanbul, Erdogan called for the consolidation of Muslim countries against the west.

Erdogan’s speech also included a significant amount of hypocrisy:

“Foreigners” are unable to solve the problems of the Middle East because Western states “don’t like us” and are more interested in just following the cash, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Nov. 27.

“Only we can solve our problems. I speak openly; foreigners love oil, gold, diamonds, and the cheap labor force of the Islamic world. They like the conflicts, fights and quarrels of the Middle East. Believe me, they don’t like us,” said Erdoğan during an address to the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) in Istanbul.

“They look like friends, but they want us dead, they like seeing our children die. How long will we stand that fact?” he added.

Erdoğan said Middle Eastern countries could solve their problems by themselves without any help from the West.

“The only condition to overcome the crisis in the Islamic world is unity, solidarity and alliance. Believe me, we can resolve every problem as long as we are united. Islamic countries, which have developed economically recently, have been experiencing the biggest humanitarian and political crisis in their history simultaneously,” the Turkish president said.

“If we act together, we will end the loneliness of Palestine which has continued for nearly one century … It is possible to end the bloodshed in Iraq and killing of Syrian children if we unite,” he said.

All this from a president who refuses to do anything about ISIS, the most savage band of brothers in modern history. Speaking of ISIS, it continues to spread all over northern Africa. As Shoebat.com has reported, this all serves Turkey’s interests in a new Caliphate.

Erdogan’s call for Muslim unity is not just about pitting Muslims against the west. It’s also about undermining ISIS as the legitimate Caliphate. Erdogan is using ISIS to continue the work that NATO has done in places like Libya during the ‘Arab Spring’ but he will not accept an ISIS Caliphate.

However, he would be all too happy to subjugate ISIS to an Ottoman Caliphate. His call for Muslims to unite ever so subtly undermines Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is playing Caliphate small ball.

As to Erdogan bemoaning ‘foreigners’ loving oil, gold and diamonds… Have you seen his residence?


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