This is what a BACKLASH Looks Like

Where is the backlash? That’s what so many have been asking now for years, as the country burns – both literally and figuratively. If you want to see one, have a look at the news report below. Granted, it’s on a scale much smaller than what is warranted but it’s definitely a microcosm.

The argument conservatives use for not protesting or getting active in response to left-wing lunacy is that they have jobs and just don’t have time and don’t want to get involved in what they perceive as counter-productive behavior. Well, Ferguson protesters thought it a good idea to stop highway traffic at rush hour by lining up across several lanes and shouting, “No Justice, No Peace!”

Where do you think many of those drivers were going at rush hour?

That’s right, to their jobs.

These protesters picked the wrong time and place to mess with the people who are subsidizing their miscreant behavior. As an added bonus, the law-abiding citizens cheered the police when they showed up.

h/t GWP


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