Objection: P. Nelson writes: “This is not true. This is the tomb, mausoleum, of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first President of the modern-day Republic of Turkey. The Pope was greeted by the Commander of the Guards, laid a wreath of flowers and paused for a few moments of silence. You can look up this mausoleum in the Culture and Tourism of Turkey. Just google mausoleum Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. This is NOT a mosque!”

Our Response: Thank you for your comment, you are correct in the sense that the photo we provided was not the Blue Mosque, much appreciated (corrected), but as far as the Pope praying in the Blue Mosque, we are correct and we have posted the correct photo. If this is unsatisfactory, please let us know and will reason together. Fair enough? Walid.

P.S. Under Kamal Attaturk over a million Armenians were massacred and the blood of the saints cry out to heaven and in heaven begging for vengeance. This “laying a wreath for that empty tomb carcass whitewash sepulcher” makes it worse. The Pope, I think, is more acting as a puppet, being driven around to do A, B, C … and he needs to stand up for the faithful and the martyred, not put a wreath in the demon’s grave. Look, I stand up for Catholics, always have always will, but I also have to be conscious of the truth. The Pope is not beyond rebuke.