“Muslim Terrorists are not Muslim” according to one liberal ostrich

Howard Dean who also happens to be a medical doctor which might lead you to believe he might have an ounce of intelligence, exposes that not only has he no intelligence, but he also has no common sense. Watch this video of his comments on today’s atrocity in Paris

The biggest problem we have today is our leaders both on the left and the Rino right will not admit that we are at war with fundamentalist Islam or at least publicly admit it; which might bring on board some of the main stream media that might influence the American center and center left to get educated and be wide awake to the fact we are at war with Islam and not with just “a tiny minority of radicals.”

Any soldier who has served in the Middle East or person who has lived in a Muslim majority country will all tell you that Islam is not moderate in those countries and the only place where “moderate” Islam exists is in the West which is used as a way of deceiving stupid fools like Howard Dean, a former leader of the DNC and a former presidential candidate.

The terrorist attack today was just another of an endless list of murderess attacks. As we report each day on this blog the horrific attacks on Christians and other minorities, with hundreds and thousands of people are butchered in a even more brutal way than even today’s atrocity, yet the media hardly reports on it. Only when Islam attacks New York, Washington, Paris, London or other major Western city does any one care. So, as much as I hate to say it, the only thing that will get the West to wake up properly, as well as getting the Western political leaders and their media to report the truth (like we try to do here on this blog) is we need the Islamic terrorists to target major cities in the West to finally wake us up to the the fact we are at war with Islam and not with just a few radicals. In World War II at the early stages of the Battle of Britain Germany was bombing the military air fields of the Royal Air Force and crippling Britain’s ability to defend itself. The British then bombed the cities of Germany which enraged Hitler and he retaliated by bombing British cities instead of the airfields which allowed Britain to regain its air strength to keep the Luftwaffe at bay. If the Jihadists target major Western cities although it will bring a terrible toll on civilians it might be blessing to get our feckless leaders to clamp down on the Muslim communities, to either suppress all the terrorists or start deporting people they know are a problem and imprisoning people who are citizens of their countries who are Muslim extremists and inciting murder, which is a crime. Unless we recognize that Islam is the enemy we will continue with the continuos attacks and the required response and policies will not be forthcoming until the political leaders have the guts to call a spade a spade.


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