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Catholic Man In Italy Prays Before A Statue Of The Virgin Mary, Muslim Teenagers Attack Him, Break The Statue And Urinate All Over The Statue

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat And Andrew Bieszad A man in Italy was praying before a statue of the Virgin Mary while holding onto a photo of his deceased wife, when a gang of five Muslim teenagers attacked him and ripped the photo in half. That was not enough for the devilish heretics: they then […]

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Should Jews Start Issuing Fatwas in the name of Fairness and Equality?

The resolution calls upon states to protect freedom of religion, to counter offensive expression through education, interfaith dialogue, and public debate, and to prohibit discrimination, profiling, and hate crimes, but not to criminalize speech unless there is an incitement to imminent violence. – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, July 15, 2011 Hillary Clinton and the […]

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Kidnapped President of Yemen Officially Resigns, Leaving Capital in Hands of Muslim Terrorists

As Barack Obama and Congress was preparing for the State of the Union speech on Tuesday, a coup was taking place in Yemen. The media all but completely ignored this extremely explosive development in a country Obama himself touted as a place where his foreign policy was succeeding. On Wednesday, reports surfaced that the president […]

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Israel indicts Imam for incitement to Murder Jews

FINALLY ISRAEL WILLING TO ARREST INCITERS TO MURDER Israel National News The Jerusalem district attorney on Wednesday submitted an indictment at the local magistrates court against Muslim preacher Omar Abu Saara, who called to “slaughter” Jews in a speech on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. Abu Saara is a 49-year-old living in […]

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Huma Set To Do To Hillary What Weiner Did to Huma

When Barack Obama called for America to ‘turn the page’ during his State of the Union address, it was a not-so-subtle endorsement of Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016. Liberal Huffington Post Ben Wikler noticed it as well, writing: Both in substance and style, President Obama’s State of the Union […]

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There are No Muslim “No Go Zones” Really?

Posted by Keith Davies Here you will find in French a list of 751 “urban zones” that have been occupied by Muslims and are dangerous for non Muslims to go. These ‘No Go Zones” have been identified by the French government. In Britain On January 14, 2014, The London Times reported that numerous murders and […]

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German Government Bans Anti-Islamic Germans From Rallying On The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat The German government has banned the anti-Islamic German group PEGIDA. Angela Merkel, alongside the rest of the German government has souled their souls to the antichrist nation of Turkey. Angela Merkel had a meeting with Turkey’s president, Ahmet Davutoglu, in which she promised that she would go against PEGIDA. Well, now Merkel’s […]

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BOOM! Judge’s House Is Bombed by Terrorists During Trial of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Ex-President

The home of an Egyptian judge has been bombed by terrorists as the trial of former Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi is taking place. While this particular judge is not presiding over Mursi’s trial, he made a ruling when Mursi was president that arguably set the stage for the current proceedings. According to a report by […]

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Muslims Take Three Men For Breeding Pigeons, And Slaughter Every One Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS apprehended fifteen men for pigeon breeding and have already executed three of them. As we read from the report: According to the Daily Mail, ISIS militants have recently arrested 15 pigeon breeders and have executed three of them in the eastern province of Diyala, as the militants are now deeming the […]

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Muslims Take Two Women, And Shoot Each Of Them In The Back Of The Head

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, all members of ISIS, took two women and shot each of them in the back of the head because they were both running for political office. According to the report: In November, ISIS militants in Mosul shot two women in the back of the head, both of whom ran […]

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Louisiana Governor Says Muslim Leaders Should PROCLAIM that Muslim Terrorists Are ‘Going Straight to Hell’ not Paradise

During an interview with Neil Cavuto of the Fox News Channel, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made the claim that Muslim leaders should not just condemn terrorist acts but should declare that Muslims who commit them will ‘go to hell’, not paradise. Cavuto then switched gears and asked Jindal about the Governor’s claims about ‘no-go zones’ […]

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Christian Pastor Receives This Message On His From Government, “We will arrest your entire family”, He Is Then Arrested And Is Still In Captivity

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian pastor in Sudan, Rev. David Yein Reith of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, was recently arrested for his Christian faith. Before he was arrested, he received this message on his phone from the government: We will arrest your entire family should you fail to come home as soon as […]

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Christian Woman Moves To America To Escape Communism, Only To Be Attacked By Lesbian Activists Who Try To Force Her To Do Their Wedding, But This Christian Woman Is Not Backing Down

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian woman from the Ukraine, named Lana Rusev, left her country to escape communism, to only see the same forms of tyranny in Florida. She started a wedding planning business and now a Lesbian couple now wants to force her to do their “ceremony.” I did a whole video on this, […]

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The Reformation Was Not About Being “Bible Believers,” Martin Luther Venerated The Virgin Mary And Was Very Catholic In His Thinking

By Theodore Shoebat Martin Luther is extolled today as though he wanted to make a church of “Bible believers,” and replace the “traditions of man” with the Scriptures. This is a common misconception that so many subscribe to, and it has led many to fall into a fantasy that the whole Reformation was being liberated […]

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