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Muslims Massacre Forty Four Innocent Police Officers (CHRISTIAN MILITIAS WILL RESPOND!)

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Philippines butchered forty four innocent police officer in the Filipino island of Mindanao. What many do not know is the Mindanao is a major stronghold for many Christian militants, who will not hesitate to fill these jihadists with bullets. I did a whole video on this: Here are two […]

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An ISIS Sharia Judge Had Enough With Sharia So He Decided To Defect And Secretly Fled From ISIS And Turned Himself In

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Abu Ali al-Harbi, a Saudi national who joined ISIS to be a “Sharia judge” in the Syrian Raqqa province decided that he had enough of Sharia, so he decided to defect, packed up, cut and run, then turned himself in to the Saudi Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The Sharia of Saudi Arabia, […]

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Obama Administration Welcomes Major Islamic Jihadist Leader, Who Says ISIS Is Not A Terrorist Group, Into The State Department

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack **SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** In an extremely brazen act, the U.S. State Department opened its arms to a Muslim Brotherhood delegation from Egypt, led by a MAJOR Muslim Brotherhood activist judge named Waleed Sharaby. The plans for the trip began last August in Turkey, where the Revolutionary Council of the Egyptian […]

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The State Of Idaho Protects Religious Liberty And Affirms: You Don’t Have To Make Homosexual Cakes In Our State

By Theodore Shoebat The state of Idaho is taking the forefront in the war against the wicked homosexuals, and unlike other states, has greatly refused to accept so-called “anti-discrimination” laws in regards to sodomites and other mutants. According to the report: A bill granting job and housing protections for gay and transgender people in socially […]

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Speaker of Texas State House Denounces Freshman State Rep Who Stands WITH Israel and AGAINST Muslim Terrorist Front Groups

by Lynn Woolley If you thought freshman State Representative Molly White from Belton would not stand up to liberal forces in Austin—think again. White, like many of her constituents, is fed up with terrorism in the name of Islam. So she put an Israeli flag in her office on Muslim Day at the Capitol – […]

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