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Obama Is An Agent Of The Antichrist, And Is Now Giving So Much Control To The Muslims And To The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) It would most likely be true that if I went on secular television, be it liberal or conservative media and if I said that the problem with U.S. foreign policy is that they do not track Scripture I would quickly be dismissed, since the secular world would not want to […]

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18,000 Germans Take To The Streets In What Is The Greatest Anti-Islam Rally That We Have Ever Seen

By Theodore Shoebat 18,000 Germans took to the streets in Dresden, in what is the largest anti-Islam that we have ever seen so far, and its only going to get larger. I did a whole video on the rally with footage and photos: According to one of the most recent reports on the rally: Protests […]

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Christian Mother Gets Reported To Child Protective Services For Teaching Her Children Against Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian mother in England was reported by Child Protective Services because she told some people that she played for her children a documentary that exposes the evils of abortion. This is another example of just how wicked, demonic, and intolerant toward Christians these people are. As we read from one report: […]

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Two Police Officers Protect Christian Church From Jihadists, Muslims Attack Them And Shoot Both Of Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Two police officers in Egypt were protecting a Christian church from Islamic terrorist attacks. Then, suddenly, a gang of Muslim jihadists came along and shot them both to death. According to today’s report: Gunmen shot dead two Egyptian policemen in a pre-dawn attack while they were on patrol Tuesday in the southern […]

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After Terrorist State Pledges to Deport Terrorists, Those Terrorists Say They’re Not Going Anywhere

Before the year ended, it was learned that Qatar had pledged to deport Hamas terrorists to Turkey, including Khaled Meshaal as part of its effort to ease relations with Egypt and other Arab Gulf states, as reported. Qatar has made such empty promises before, as it did after the overthrow of Mursi as President […]

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As German Chancellor Calls Anti-Islam Protesters Racist, Muslims Attack Jewish Man in German Subway

For those following the anti-Islamization PEGIDA protests in Germany, ground zero has largely been Dresden with places like Cologne and Berlin being the sites of the majority of multi-culturalists and counter-protesters hang out. Go figure, a Jewish man walking in Berlin who overheard anti-Semitic coming from the mouths of Arabic speaking Germans was assaulted after […]

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Anti-Islam Protests in Germany Getting Bigger Despite Chancellor Angela Merkel Slandering Them as Bigoted

Despite recent attempts by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to paint anti-Islamization protesters in her country as intolerant bigots, the protests are getting louder and growing in size. What’s more is that instead of supporting the protests, a Christian Cathedral dimmed its lights in silent protest of… the protesters. Ironically, the church is protesting in support […]

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Politician Wants People to Take ‘Dogs and Pigs Near To Mosques’ and ‘Muslim Neighborhoods’

Add Czechoslovakia to the list of western countries who are beginning to see anti-Islamic politicians get a bit of a following and make news in the process. The latest example comes from a political opposition group that is calling for pet owners to walk their dogs and pigs near mosques. While they’re at it, they’re […]

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Five Years After Obama Speech in Cairo, Egypt’s Muslim President Gives Speech at same University To UNDO the Damage

In 2009, Barack Obama kicked off his pro-Muslim Brotherhood agenda with a speech at al-Azhar University in Cairo. More than five years later, that country’s Muslim president Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi spoke at that University and in many ways attempted to undo the damage. The irony is that the Muslim President of Egypt sounded far […]

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UK JIHAD COVER UP: Glasgow Garbage truck Incident possible Jihad attack?

H/T Daily Europa Two weeks on and we are still none the wiser as to what caused this. People are understandably concerned and simply asking why did a bin lorry drive into crowds of people on a busy shopping street just before Christmas. Of course we can take an informed guess as “car Jihad” incidents […]

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Senior ISIS Leader Was Beheaded For Smoking A Cigarette

REUTERS – A top figure in Islamic State’s self-declared police force, which has carried out beheadings, was himself found decapitated in eastern Syria, a monitoring group said. The man was an Egyptian national and was known as the deputy “emir” of the al-Hesbah force in a Syrian province, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights […]

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China Inching Closer to Civil War with Turkey-Backed Muslims

Tensions between the Chinese government and the Turkey-supported Uyghurs in the country’s northwest province of Xinjiang are definitely escalating. The government wants to crackdown on what it sees as a source of terrorism and separatism; the Turkish-speaking Muslim Uyghurs are pushing back. Often lost on all of this is Turkey’s tacit but strong support for […]

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Muslims Take One Year Old Infant, And Rape The Child, They Also Take A Twelve Year Old Girl And Six Muslims Repeatedly Gang Rape Her

By Theodore Shoebat There was a very disturbing incident in Islamic Afghanistan in which a 1 year old infant was raped by a Muslim. Another story was reported very recently in which 6 Afghan police officers repeatedly gang raped a 12 year old girl. I did a whole video on it: In regards to these […]

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