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Muslim Man Forces Young Christian Girl To Clean His House, She Works All Day, And Every Night The Muslim Seizes Her And Brutally Rapes Her

By Theodore Shoebat Another horrifying story has come out of Pakistan. A young Christian girl, who was working in a brick kiln as a slave, was forced by her slave owner to clean his home. She would spend all day cleaning and sweeping, and then every night he would brutally rape. This is the type […]

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Muslim Men Take Christian Woman, She Begs Them To Think Of Her Children, They Mock Her, And In Front Of Her Husband, Each One Takes Turns Raping Her

By Theodore Shoebat A group of about four Muslims took a Christian woman, named Mumtaz Bibi; she begged them to think of her children, but they mocked and scoffed her; in the presence of her husband they each took turns raping her in the most horrific ways. She and her poor family were eventually rescued, […]

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German Muslim Gives Out This Message To The West: “We will one day conquer Europe.”

By Theodore Shoebat A German covert to Islam, named Christian Emde, issued this message to Europe: We will one day conquer Europe. We don’t just want to. We will. And we are sure about that. Christian then went on to say that he would be willing to partake in the massacre of all the world’s […]

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Muslims Open Fire On Belgian Police, The Police Officers Prevail And Kill All Of The Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat The Belgian police got into an intense firefight with two Muslim terrorists. The terrorists opened fire on the police, but the officers prevailed in the end and killed off both of the jihadists. According to a recent report: At least two people were killed Thursday in an anti-terrorism operation near a train […]

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Pope Francis Enters Major Buddhist Temple, And Pays His Respect To Buddhist Idols

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis visited Sri Lanka, a Buddhist nation, and changed his schedule so that he could visit a major Buddhist temple before leaving. He entered the temple and stood amongst Buddhist monks as they chanted their pagan hymns. He also payed his respect to certain Buddhist relics, which are rarely ever presented […]

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VIDEO: Woman Gets Beheaded In The Middle Of Street Right In Public View

By Walid Shoebat “I did not commit the murder. I did not commit the murder” cries out the woman as she was dragged off to the street to get beheaded. “I will not forgive you. I will not forgive you” she adds telling her executioners that she will not forgive them for what they were […]

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Catholic Ex-Congressman Says He Hopes Terrorists Behead Appeasers and Cowards First

In 2010, Joe Walsh, a Catholic, was elected to the U.S. Congress from Illinois on a wave of Tea Party support. Over the next two years, he took on the establishment and was very politically incorrect, which only garnered him more support. In short, he became a threat. In 2012, as was the case with […]

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Decades of UNINDICTED Muslim Co-Conspirators Is MAJOR REASON Why America in Such a Mess

In the wake of the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, the Clinton administration sowed the seeds of destruction when it treated the attack as a crime instead of what it was – an act of war. The good news is that the bombing helped federal officials uncover the infamous landmarks “day of terror” […]

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U.K. Media Sends A Message That They Are Terrified of Muslims And Apologized For Showing Mohammad’s Cartoons

By Walid Shoebat U.K. news network Sky News has apologized to its viewers after showing a glimpse (not even a full image) of the latest cover of French satire weekly Charlie Hebdo, the first issue to come out following the deadly attack on its offices, featuring a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. Here, watch the […]

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Prime Minister Harper of Canada Showing Leadership of the Free World

Prime minister of Canada is now the leader of the Free World, because his words are clear and his actions are clear. We hope he can influence the other so called leaders including the POTUS to get their act together: Hopefully we are only a few more major terror attacks away from the world going […]

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Obama Caught on Video Revealing he is Either a Muslim Apostate or Stealth Jihadist

In a 2006 video, Barack Obama admitted that his father was born a Muslim. Inherent in this admission is that Barack himself was born into the Muslim religion. That’s according to sharia law. Any child born to a Muslim father is recognized in the Islamic religion as being a Muslim. His subsequent admission in the […]

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Obama AGAIN Trades Five for One by Releasing Gitmo Terrorists from YEMEN

When Barack Obama released five terrorists from Yemen, it sent a message. That message was that when Paris terrorist Said Kouachi was killed, so too was a terrorist with connections to not only Yemen but to one of Islam’s most revered martyrs – Anwar al-Awlaki. In the wake of the attacks in Paris, it was […]

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Muslim Comedian and Huma Abedin Defender Claims Most Terrorists are NOT Muslim

In an op-ed for the Daily Beast, Muslim comedian and Huma Abedin defender Dean Obeidallah argues that most terror attacks in Europe and the U.S. are NOT committed by Muslims. In perhaps his worst example, Obeidallah cites the 2011 rampage of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway. In Breivik’s manifesto, he referenced the work of Walid […]

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The Obama Administration Just Released 5 Yemeni detainees Out Of Guantánamo

By Walid Shoebat While having mercy is a Christian virtue, releasing Muslim terrorists is a Muslim virtue and Obama is excercizing it by releasing more terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. Obama happens to have just released five more Yemeni detainees from the prison camps in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, on Wednesday to far-flung locations — four to […]

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American Man Converts To Islam And Tries To Bomb The US Capital, But There Are Many Converts In America, And They Can Strike At Any TIme

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) As we warned in our ISIS Manifesto that attacks will increase on the homeland and today we have the FBI today arrested an Ohio man named Christopher Lee Cornell who gave himself the Muslim alias Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah.   He was charged for plotting an ISIS-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, where he hoped to […]

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