Archive | January 18, 2015

The anti-Muslim Demonstrations That Have Been Springing Up Across Europe Have Finally Given Up And Bowed Down To Islam

By Walid Shoebat As long as you reject the cross, you will bow to the Crescent. It matters not how many candels you light after each terror attack or how many anti-terror demonstrations you march in, as long as Christ is not the center of your cause, you will bow to the Muslim crescent, like […]

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European Union Now Considering BAN on ISLAMOPHOBIA and Meeting Demands of Muslim Murderers Thanks to Work of Hillary Clinton and Turkey

In the wake of the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is seeking to take a major step in Muslim progressivism. Almost singularly focused, the OIC has been attempting to criminalize criticism of Islam for years; it’s what they did in the wake of the 2005 Danish […]

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