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Millions of Muslims Demonstrate Around The World Setting Ablaze The Largest Evangelical Church And Declaring To The Christians That “JESUS IS MUSLIM”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) While Clashes erupted between demonstrators and security forces when multitudes of Muslims gathered outside the main mosque of Niamey, Niger’s capital to only ransack Niamey’s biggest Evangelical church and set it ablaze including 20 other churches. Riot police also surround the Catholic cathedral to protect that building from being also set ablaze. […]

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Pelosi Commits TREASON; Appoints Muslim Brotherhood Agent to Intelligence Committee

The next time the American people are told by a U.S. member of Congress that they can’t know something because it is “classified” or “still under investigation”, they should point their collective finger directly at one man – Andre Carson. The reason is that Carson is not just one of the only two Muslim members of […]

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Communist Congressman who Supported Violent Occupy Wall Street Protests says we shouldn’t use term “Islamic Terrorists” because it could lead to Violence

Occupy Wall Street supporter and Democratic congressman from Oakland, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) is suddenly concerned about preventing violence. During the OWS protests, her city was perhaps the most violent of all and she helped fan the flames. In 2009, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) cheered the appointment of Marxist Van Jones as Obama’s Green Jobs […]

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Another European Country Standing up to Islam and Crowds Grow as Signs Read “Islam is Evil”

As Muslim countries attempt to exploit the Paris terror attacks to their own ends with the “Istanbul Process” to criminalize speech, it’s possible that they did not factor in the backlash from European countries in response. In the case of the Czech Republic, a small crowd grew spontaneously into a rather large crowd that included […]

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