The Most Moderate Muslim Ignored by the Main Stream Media, Obama and the West

A few Western conservative commentators did report on the Presdient of Egypt’s El Sisi’s speech in front of Al Hazar University in Cairo, condemning Islam for its violence and appealing for its reform. President El Sisi is ostracized by the West for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood president Dr. Morsi. We barely have diplomatic relations with Egypt, yet we lick the rear end of the leaders of Qatar, Turkey and others who have leaders who are “radical.” El Sisi should be supported and encouraged by the West to help undermine and destroy the very thing that is a threat to us too, but no, we pander to the Islamists and call them “moderates” and we then wonder why the terrorists keep killing us!

Here is an audio report from the Voice of Israel featuring one of the few British journalists, Melanie Phillips, that understand the issues concerning Islam.

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