Watch: Terrorist Stabs Fleeing Victim

From Israel National News

Video footage of live mulitible stabbing attack in tel Aviv

Security camera caught the Tel Aviv bus slasher as he knifed another victim in the back, taking advantage of the panic he caused.

Video of the arrested and wounded terrorist who carried out the attack

According to hospital sources, at least 12 people were wounded in the attack, including three who were in serious condition, four in moderate condition and five who sustained light injuries. Another seven people were treated for shock

The wounded were taken to Ichilov and Tel Hashomer hospitals. An eyewitness told IDF Radio that two of the wounded were very seriously hurt, having been stabbed “in the brain (and) in the neck.”

He said that some of the wounded got away from the bus and advanced about 100 or 150 meters before collapsing.

lone wolf

I suppose if this happened in the USA our media would be talking about a “Lone Wolf” and yes it is a individual who did this, but the question is why? We at and our loyal readers all know the answer; that it is inspired by the “holy” Koran and the Hadith. When the Jews were persecuted in the 1930s by Hitler and later murdered in the millions, the rest of the world followed with the disaster of the death of over 60 million people in World War Two. The world chose to ignore the plight of the Jews which was the key to thier own demise. Whatever happens to Israel or the Jews will then happen to the West and the Christians. It is already starting to happen if one has eyes to see.

Today the world today is repeating history by not only ignoring the plight of Israel (the Jews) but indicting Israel as the evil one, as well as ignoring the plight of their Christian Brethren in the Middle East and Asia, except for a very small minority of Christians. In World War Two there were also a small righteous minority who risked all for their Jewish brethren. Please click here to help us save thousands of Christians from the Muslim horde. Israel has a strong army and intelligence services and many other organizations in America are helping Israel, but few are helping the Christian minorities in Asia and the Middle East. We need to grow much bigger so we can save hundreds of thousands.


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