The British still think there is a “Moderate” and “Extremist” Islam

On the 13th January the BBC aired a broadcast on News Magazine program Panorama (the equivalent of CBS 60 minutes). John Ware the reporter is one of the few good reporters on the issues of Islamic extremism and obviously he is constrained by the BBC editorial policies.

It appears that even despite this better report the theme of the program is that there are two types of Islam “moderate” and “extremist” Islam that remain in British people’s psyche. No one in Britain would ever state that there are “moderate Nazis” or “extreme Nazis” would they? Toward the end of the documentary we see “British Muslim TV” which wants to promote “to be a proud Muslim and comfortable being British,” however when the owner of the TV station brought in the Union Jack (flag of Britain) marketing material, like hats, tee shirts, coasters etc they were all removed by the employees and put in a drawer to hide them away, so even his own staff at the TV station don’t agree with the concept of the TV station.

moderate islam

Apostasy from Islam was brought up as “extreme” but what point that what was not made is the capital punishment for apostasy is enshrined into Sharia Law, which by logical conclusion means Islam can never be “moderate” and Muslims who are “moderate” are disobeying their prophet and Allah. The West must continue to fantasize about creating “moderate” and “extremist” to protect their “liberal values.” A moderate Muslim is one that would be a liberal person who is culturally Muslim but does not follow the teachings of their prophet.

The plain fact is that Islam based on the basic teachings and espoused by ALL recognized scholars of ancient Islam are intolerant of non-Muslims as well as “moderate” Muslims. Most of the “moderate” Islamic preachers have fled to the West, because their lives were threatened, some of them we know personally.

This BBC report was prompted based on a reaction to the recent terror attack in Paris.

The bottom line is that unless the West recognizes that it is at war with Fundamentalist Islam and that Islamists need to be purged by killing them or imprisoning them, no major progess will be made to make us safer as a society


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