The Japanese Government And Turkey Are Currently Using ISIS In Order To Revive Their Empires In Preparation For World War III

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exlcusive)

We always get condemned every time we write negatively about Japan. The naive tell us that the Japanese are nice, this is true, but so are the Turks. Measuring good versus evil on the basis of niceness is bull, for in the east elegance always goes alongside with utter cruelty. Japan is the most powerful nation in Asia major and Turkey is the most powerful nation in Asia Minor and these two blood relatives (1) are up to no good.

And if the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is “a nice guy,” why would he recently demand for “corrections” to passages about the “comfort women” in US textbooks?


The evil Shinzo Abe

Does “a really nice guy,” who supposedly hates ISIS’s style of beheadings want to censor U.S. textbooks that show Japan’s style of beheadings during World War II? That including the rape  of 200,000 Chinese women in China’s Nanking alone? Is Japan simply jealous of ISIS’s elegance in its beheading techniques?

Obviously, Abe’s real war is not about combating a killing machine like ISIS and is more about holocaust denial and military build up. The nice Japanese, whom, while committing the Nanking massacre were as elegant as the nice Turks while they killed Armenians. And like the Turks, the Japanese government wants to rebuild its historic imperial dream. ISIS has become the tool of devils and all of this will lead the world to make excuses to advance military strength which will revive ancient disputes: The Senkaku Islands which Japan wants from China and Jerusalem for the Turks which they want from Israel; which will lead towards World War III.


Nanking. A pile of Chinese heads chopped by Japanese soldiers.

Prior to beheading Kenji Goto, we reported “the real reason that such negotiations failed is that Japan has a use for has warned on March of last year that Japan has an agenda. It has all to do with Shinzo Abe’s reinterpretation of the Japanese constitution in regards to weapons, in order to allow Japan to use weapons for defense and ISIS’s beheading of a Japanese  goes along such plans which will advance Japan’s call for the right to build its military since now Japan has a war on ISIS.”

kenji copy

We predicted it correctly, and today, February 2nd, after the beheading Japanese op-eds today published that the crisis have called for a stronger role in global affairs, and for greater powers to be vested in the National Self-Defense Forces, the country’s de facto army.

“The Islamic State, in other words, is aiding the large and increasingly vocal segment of Japan’s population — including the prime minister himself — that wants a more robust military“.

The headlines today says it all “ISIS Beheadings Are Firing Up The War Hawks In Japan” “Despite a pacifist constitution, Prime Minister Abe is demanding a more aggressive response to the terrorists, and a stronger Japan.”

a1 copy

When ISIS on January 24 put a new offer on the table to Japan: If Jordan released an attempted suicide bomber imprisoned in that country, Goto’s life would be spared. This could have been easily accomplished. Have Jordan release Sajida Rishawi in exchange for Goto and problem solved. Truth is, Japan wanted none of it. We in fact stated “Has Shinzo really cared about hostages, why would he send Yasuhide Nakayama, who has long been seen as being close to Israel, something problematic when dealing with ISIS to coordinate Japan’s response and then condemns ISIS while standing in front of an Israeli flag in Jerusalem?”

Shinzo Abe

His intent was to upset ISIS to gain this desired outcome, an international argument that Japan should change its constitution to allow it the right for military involvement. To Abe, ISIS was Buddha sent.

In Japan there is a constitution that bars warfare as a means of settling disputes and Shinzo Abe is determined to change this to the point that Japan is saying that killing Goto is Japan’s 911.


We are heading for World War III. And if 50 millions were killed in WWI and over 60 million in WWII, we predict, with a nuclear war, two billion, will be the outcome of this coming war.

Unfortunately, the U.S. is advancing us towards that direction. The U.S. is taking the wrong side aiding the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, both Turkey and in Egypt they stand against al-Sisis and on the Ukraine they stand against Russia. History will record, that the U.S., including even its prophecy crazed churches that views China is the 200 million man army and that Russia is Gog, were all wrong.

Beijing Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of New China

Japan and Turkey, not China and Russia are on the war path. And this is not only our view. Hugh White, professor of strategic studies at Australia National University, declared that war between Japan and China is inevitable. The catalyst to the war will be the pretense of the ownership of the Senkaku islands, with the real reasons of the war being a wide range of historical hatreds and disputes. White wrote:

Where will it end? The risk is that, without a clear circuit-breaker, the escalation will continue until at some point shots are exchanged, and a spiral to war begins that no one can stop. Neither side could win such a war, and it would be devastating not just for them but for the rest of us.


According to White, Japan believes that America will stand firm with them in a war against China. America believes that with some political and diplomatic intimidation China will back down, since they perceive that the Chinese need America to buy their products and thus support their economy. China believes that America will not help Japan on account of the US’ debt with China, and that America will coerce Japan to make concessions over the disputed Senkkaku islands. The Chinese are wrong to trust the U.S. just as the Arab leaders who trusted the U.S., were thrown under the bus as soon as the Arab (truly Islamist) Spring erupted.

World War III will arise out of pride from all of the misconceptions on the part of each of these nations. For Japan, making concessions to China will only mean conceding to a superior nation, and that the islands truly belong to the Chinese. For China to back off in the dispute, would be perceived by the Chinese that their nation is only agreeing to be in a position of inferiority to the US and Japan. For the US to not side with Japan over concerns of the debt with China would only indicate that America is afraid of the Chinese, and thus, to a certain extent, inferior to the Asian country.


It is in these circumstances that, to use the words of White, “great powers have often gone to war over.”

And today in Asia we have two Hitlers, Erdogan of Turkey and Abe of Japan, both doing the same things as Hitler who strived for Germany to rise from its defeat in WW1 by changing constitutions in the same way that the Nazis twisted the Weimar Constitution. Turkey, reverting to Neo-Ottomanism and Japan’s Abe is working to get Japan to ascend from the restrictions America imposed upon the nation after its defeat in WW2. In so doing he and Japanese politicians like him have denied the holocausts brought about by Japan upon millions of Chinese people in the 20th century just as Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide.


America, of course, still views Japan as a reliable ally to keep China in check, and is already conducting operations to help secure the Senkaku islands from the Chinese. In November of last year, Col. Steve Warren stated:

We have conducted operations in the area of the Senkakus

Last year the US flew two military aircrafts over the disputed Senkaku islands without letting China know, going contrary to the order of the Chinese.

Moreover, America this year trained 250 of Japan’s Western Army Infantry Regiment, in a more concentrated program on how to retake islands, as we reported.

If the tension between China and Japan continues at the rate it is going, war is inevitable. The United States will somehow drag itself into the conflict. But, I believe, what will happen in the end, is that America will have to go against Japan. America’s enabling of a growing Japan will only allow the Japanese to revive their old strength and past utopian ideology of imperialism, thus making Japan an enemy which will have to be stopped. I have written on Japan’s agreement with Turkey to provide the Turks with a nuclear facility. If this happens, it will only lead to a Japan-Turkey alliance which will be the major enemy to America and its allies.

Shinzo Abe joins Muslim prayer with Erdogan

Shinzo Abe joins Muslim prayer with Erdogan

Years ago, it seemed adventuresome, rash, and inadequate to predict the revival of Imperial Japan, and the same can be said for predicting a revival of the Ottoman Empire, but such a prediction is proven accurate. Folks can’t  see this because they are blinded by the immediate past; we know that Japan was defeated and our vision stops at that point. World War III will be the same old religions colliding once more. Erdogan is an Islamist and since taking office in 2012, Shinzo Abe became a devout Zen Buddhist who considers all the men who slaughtered Americans and Chinese in WWII as Kami (gods). And like Erdogan he has been pushing for a reinterpretation of the constitution and a stronger role for its National Self-Defense Force.

And just today the news tells us that Japan wants to reverse what the U.S. installed to never permit the evil of Japan to rise again:

“Global geopolitics has undergone a dramatic shift, his supporters argue, and Japan needs to think outside of traditional interpretations of its constitution, which was written by American advisors in the late 1940s, after its surrender in World War II.”

But its aggression, all over again, that Japan wants. The report adds:

Since Abe took office, Japan claims its attempting to cope with Chinese aggression, including aircraft flyovers, around a chain of disputed islands called Senkaku islands.

It was easy for us to predict that as we wrote:

“Shinzo had no intentions whatsoever to release any hostages and in fact, offered them on the altar of sacrifice … it is the outcome that is necessary: Japan, like Turkey, needs to reverse back to its historic militaristic and ultra religious nationalistic past.”

The BBC also agrees. They wrote on the 28th:

“Zhou Yongsheng, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University, however, believes that the crisis will not stop Mr Abe from his goal of turning Japan into a “major military power”.

Instead, the pundit argues, Mr Abe will use the hostage crisis as an excuse to expand Japan’s military presence overseas to “maintain peace”.

Japan knows how to woo the West by feeding them crumbs when it agreed to transfer 700 pounds of plutonium to the United States that even Fox News considered this to be “a victory” for Obama’s plan to secure nuclear materials around the world, which is laughable, Japan has enough plutonium to build 50 nukes and possesses 44.3 tons of plutonium, 9.3 tons of which were kept within the country, while 35 tons were kept abroad in countries like the United Kingdom and France. This is enough plutonium to create more than 5000 nuclear bombs. According to Yin Xiaoliang, a researcher with the Institute of Japan Studies at Nankai University, “This even exceeds the 38 tons of weapons-grade plutonium the US previously claimed to hold.” Keep in mind, Japan wants to export this material to Turkey beginning on 2023 with a pact in place.

According to some estimates, Japan has the capabilities to produce nuclear weapons within six months. It is no wonder why Japan, in April of 2013, refused to sign a joint-statement on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, in Geneva and Switzerland.

nukes (1)

Abe, similar to Erdogan is another religious fanatic. He has never apologized to the Chinese and Koreans after pompously denying that any women were raped by Imperial Japanese soldiers. Instead, he visited and honored their killers at the Yasukini Shrine. The official Yasukuni Shrine website clearly states:

Currently, more than 2,466,000 divinities are enshrined here at Yasukuni Shrine. These are souls of men who made ultimate sacrifice for their nation since 1853 during national crisis such as the Boshin War, the Seinan War, the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars, World War I, the Manchurian Incident, the China Incident and the Greater East Asian War (World War II). These people, regardless of their rank or social standing, are considered to be completely equal and worshipped as venerable divinities of Yasukuni.

If one worships war criminals, are they not to be viewed as potential war criminals? And if folks laughed at us for warning about Japan’s revival, who is laughing now when two decades ago we warned of an Ottoman revival? Credibility belongs to who was correct, not ‘politically’ correct.

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal”.CONSIDER DONATING TO RESCUE CHRISTIANS


(1) “Setting aside such far-fetched claims, the fact is that peoples speaking more than eighteen languages related to Turkish still inhabit not only Central Asia but also such eastern Siberian territories as Yakutia. The Mongols are ethnic cousins of the Turks. Even the Turkish, Korean and Japanese languages have strange similarities, sharing a grammatical syntax that makes it easy for Turks and Japanese to learn each other’s tongues.” (see article in the New York Times)