The Jordanians Just Executed 2 Terrorists In Response To ISIS Burning Their POW. But Sources Reveal There Will Be More Executed In The Coming Hours Including One Involved In Killing American Laurence Foley

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
The Jordanian authorities have executed at dawn today the Iraqi prisoners Rishawi and Ziad Karbouli, after hours of ISIS broadcasting the execution of the Jordanian pilot POW Kasasbeh who was burned alive.

Jordanian official Hassan Shobaki confirmed that the execution of Rishawi and Karbouli were initiated at dawn before the sun came up today.

He said that he expected that there would be several other executions in the coming hours for other convicted terrorists in response to the killing of Kasasbeh.

The Jordanian security sources said that the death sentence on Rishawi and a group of “jihadists” were carried out within hours in response to burning Kasasbeh.

Salafi jihadist Mohammed Al-Shalabi, known as “Abu Sayyaf”, through communications with his brother who is in prison indicated that there were sudden and surprising transfers of several jihadist prisoners (exact number unknown at the moment) who were transferred to Siwaqa prison which is designated strictly for executions south of the capital Amman.


The execution scaffold at Siwaqa Prison where the terrorists where executed


Photo from Siwaqa prison where 11 were executed on December last year



Moammar Ahmed Youssef al-Jaghbir is also to be executed as his brother revealed in a phone call that his brother was transferred to the execution prison in Siwaqa. Al-Jaghbir carried out terror attacks and was involved in the assassination of U.S. diplomat Laurence Foley in Amman in October 2002. Al-Jaghbir was also found guilty of assisting Salem Bin Sweid, a Libyan who was convicted of Foley’s assassination.


One of ISIS members, through Twitter responded: “God accept your Jihad, a woman who overcame men. Congratulations. Enjoy what awaits you. You were one who went forth to aid the Jihadists. Our dead are in heaven and their dead in hell fire. Our sister went on a mission to die anyway.”