Muslims Take Mentally Retarded Children, Strap Bombs Onto Their Bodies, And Blow Them Up

By Theodore Shoebat

The depravity of ISIS has no limits, and continues to plunge deeper and deeper into the abyss. It is no wonder that the king of Jordan wants to annihilate them. Now we have UN reports exposing that they are taking mentally retarded children, strapping bombs onto their bodies, and using them as living bombs. Renate Winter, a committee expert for the UN, said:

We are really deeply concerned at torture and murder of those children, especially those belonging to minorities, but not only from minority … We have had reports of children, especially children who are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding

This is absolutely demonic is of a diabolical nature no different than that of the Nazis who massacred the mentally handicap. The mentally handicap are amongst the most helpless people in society, and must be protected because of their feeble disposition.

This is why it is completely in accordance to Christ’s teachings that ISIS, and all those like them, must be massacred. Whoever says otherwise is not of Christ, but it is of the Antichrist. I believe the subject of Christian holy war is appropriate to this disturbing news topic. I would like to present to you a section of my upcoming book, which will be coming out within this year, and will be the most extensive research ever done on the subject of Christian holy war ever written.

This section of the book is on Christianization, or the use of holy war done by a Christian nation to eradicate the wickedness of a pagan nation in order to bring it into the fold of Christendom.

Christianization is the aspiration of all true Christian rulers; for it is the purpose of Christendom. Christian emperors, to use the words of St. Augustine, “make their power the handmaid of His majesty by using it for the greatest possible extension of His worship”. (Augustine, City of God, 5.24)

St. Gregory the Great praised the Byzantine general Gennadius for participating in the crusade for the Christian Roman Empire to expand its dominions and Christianize pagan peoples:

And report goes that it is not from a desire of shedding blood that you constantly court these wars, but for the sake of extending the republic in which we see that God is worshipped, to the end that the name of Christ may be spread abroad through subject nations by preaching of the faith. (St. Gregory the Great, epistle 74)

A 12th century squire named Ernoul wrote of a meeting between Templar knights in Jerusalem, in which they said:

We have left our lands and our friends to come here and establish and extend God’s law.(Ernoul, In Barber and Bate, The Templars, ch. 1, 4)

In the Latin Rule of 1129, it states that the Templar knights strive “for the spreading of the true faith”, (Latin Rule of 1129, in Barber and Bate, Templars) meaning that they fought for spreading Christianity in Muslim lands. In the same book it specifies the mission of the Templars as: “to wipe the enemies of Christ from the Holy Land.” (Ibid)

If a nation conducts diabolical practices that horrifically torment and brutally kill innocent lives, such as cannibalism or human sacrifice, then a Christian nation has every right and justification to do a holy war against that country, in order to protect and liberate the people from the demonic religion that so tyrannizes them. (See Vitoria, On Self-Restraint, question 1, article 5)

For to do so would be abiding by what Solomon wrote: “Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.” (Proverbs 24:11) If the nation refuses to give up their evil practices, no matter how much the forces of Christendom try to coerce them to cease, then it is necessary that its government be overthrown and replaced by Christian rulers who will then begin the process of purging their idolatrous rituals and religion. This is affirmed by Vitoria who wrote:

I assert that in lawful defense of the innocent from unjust death, even without the pope’s authority, the Spaniards may prohibit the barbarians from practicing any nefarious custom or rite. (Vitoria, On the American Indians, question 3, article 6, 16)

The pagans are our neighbors, and to allow them to live in the torment of their sinister religion, would be to not love them. St. Paul said, “Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” (Romans 13:10) And so therefore, to destroy such diabolical beliefs and religions would be to love those it harms, and thus to fulfill the law.

You may say that the pagans are simply enjoying their freedom of religion, and that they are not hurting us directly, but even Abraham launched an entire war against heathen tyrants to liberate his neighbors, and no wrong was directly done against his own body. (Vitoria, On the American Indians, question 3, article 7, 17) Abraham was loving his neighbor when he did a such a war, and truly when he struck with the sword and spilt the blood of his enemies, he was fulfilling the law of the prophets, and that is the law of love. Moreover, if a nation murders Christian missionaries, or refuse to receive them, such are also causes of just war. (Vitoria, On Self-Restraint, question 1, article 5, sixth and seventh conclusions)

Christ spoke of the king who sends out his armies to a wicked city, and “destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city” or murdering his messengers (Matthew 22:7). If pagans convert to Christianity and their pagan governments persecute them and try to compel to them back to paganism, then a Christian may invade that nation and compel the state to cease their oppressions. If the pagan government persists, then the Christian forces may depose the tyrant and bring the nation into the fold of Christendom. (Vitoria, On the American Indians, question 3, article 3, 13)

This is a section of the upcoming book on Christian militancy, which will be the most exhaustive study ever written on Christian militancy. But before you get the book, get the new DVD set that we have done, called Christian militancy.