Muslim Brotherhood Threatens to Attack Egypt From Turkey

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has been doing an awful lot of sabre rattling from Turkey recently. As reported recently, the Obama State Department rolled out the red carpet for the Muslim Brotherhood and more specifically, the Revolutionary Council of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which operates from Turkey.

As those meetings were taking place, Muslim Brotherhood television in Turkey was issuing ultimatums and warnings to anyone operating in Egypt or who supports Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. In the news report below, a Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece issues deadlines throughout the month of February to foreign nationals in Egypt to leave (via MEMRI):

Since the removal of Mohammed Mursi as President of Egypt in 2013, has been reporting that the Brotherhood has been regrouping and plotting, while parked inside Turkey.

There have been multiple and mounting signs that Turkey is shifting its focus away from a very stubborn Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria a bit and over to Egypt. Recently, reported on the Brotherhood’s attempt to alienate el-Sisi and break-up his alliance with Arab Gulf states by recording and then releasing phone conversations.

Within a month after Mursi’s overthrow – when the efforts of Obama emissaries John McCain and Lindsey Graham to get Brotherhood leaders released in Egypt failed – there was renewed focus on the part of Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), the Free Syrian Army, et. al. on the removal of Assad. Six weeks after that failed visit, came the highly suspect chemical weapons attack in Syria. Despite more evidence that the attack came at the hands of the Syrian rebels with Turkish support than from Assad’s forces, the U.S. Congress did all it could to exploit the attack to justify launching air strikes on Assad.

That effort failed as well, as reported.

As for Turkey and Erdogan, it makes no real difference to him if ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood rebels overthrow Assad; Erdogan would all but control the territory through proxies either way. The plan then was (and still is) to target Jordan.

Turkey beginning to mobilize against Egypt.

Turkey beginning to mobilize against Egypt.

A Turkish-backed, ISIS / Brotherhood invasion of Egypt would be made easier with control of Syria and Jordan (the latter on the target list next in line behind the former). Assad has proven formidable and Jordan’s King Abdullah has recently been quite emboldened while showing true leadership in the wake of seeing one of his pilots burned alive in a cage, as reported.

The Obama administration continues to send signals that it is in full support of the Muslim Brotherhood in any showdown between Turkey and Egypt. In addition to what’s been mentioned, the deportation release of convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian to Turkey was a major show of support, as reported. Al-Arian lived in Egypt prior to traveling to the U.S. His deportation to Egypt would have been a real deportation. Shipping him to Egypt just adds another Muslim Brotherhood operative to the mix.

Then of course, there was Obama’s recent welcoming of American Muslim leaders into the White House. As reported, these leaders have deep-seated connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The optics of the meeting likely served a much greater purpose than what was discussed. The meeting itself sent a message of Obama administration support for the Brotherhood’s efforts against Egypt.

As has reported, since the summer of 2013, Egypt has had all the information it needs on Barack Obama’s brother Malik to drop an international bombshell, to include an IRS / Lois Lerner angle but for whatever reason, has refused to use it publicly.

Then again, multiple members of the U.S. Congress have as well.


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