After Helping Muslim Terrorists Remove and Kill Gadhafi, Europe is Under Greater Threat as ISIS Threatens to Control Libya

In 2011, NATO led the effort at regime change in Libya; that happened officially in October of that year when President Muammar Gadhafi was killed. Keep in mind that the vast majority of NATO member countries are European; Turkey is one of the few exceptions. Now, in 2015, ISIS not only appears to be on the way to controlling Libya but is expected to use it to further endanger… you guessed it… Europe:

The Islamic State has expanded its presence in the failed state of Libya, and if not confronted, the terror group may be able to gain strategic territory in its quest to form an Islamic Caliphate, according to the Washington Institute’s Andrew Engel. While the United States and its allies are focused on Syria and Iraq, IS (commonly referred to as ISIL or ISIS) has its eyes beyond that fight.

The report, titled The Islamic State’s Expansion in Libya, says Libya’s ex-ambassador to the Emirates Aref Ali Nayed is worried that if Washington does not act, IS will use Libya to threaten Europe. The IS has increased its physical and media presence in the last three months. A local terrorist organization, the Islamic Youth Shura Council (IYSC), has pledged its loyalty to IS.

“ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi recognized the Libyan ‘provinces’ of Barqa (Cyrenaica), Tripolitania, and Fezzan as belonging to his self-styled ‘caliphate,’” Engel said.

It was the United States – to include the Barack Obama administration and the U.S. Congress – that either sought out the removal of Gadhafi or just went along to get along. With the gift of history, coupled with the release of documents and audio recordings, we now know that weapons were being provided to anti-Gadhafi, Qatar-backed Muslim Brotherhood rebels.

NATO Geniuses in Europe remove Gadhafi and now under much greater threat from ISIS.

NATO Geniuses in Europe remove Gadhafi and now under much greater threat from ISIS.

Here is an audio recording of a phone conversation between then Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Seif Gadhafi in 2011:

Soon after Gadhafi’s fall, the Obama administration was involved – the extent of its involvement remains to be determined – in rounding up those weapons and shipping them to Syria in an effort to replicate the disastrous Libyan strategy, as has reported on at length.

Within a year, the Benghazi attacks occurred and four Americans were murdered on September 11, 2012.

Less than two years later, the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli was closed and abandoned, as reported.

A couple of months later, it was learned that ISIS was spreading to Egypt and Libya:

Now, ISIS threatens to control Libya and a consequence would be an increased clear and present danger to Europe, the same Europe that – under the NATO banner – paved the way.

As has been reporting for a long, long time now, there is one NATO country that benefits greatly from all of this, which further underscores (again) why that country should be kicked out of NATO.

That country is Turkey.


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