The Secret Best Way To Keep Muslims Far Far Away

By Walid Shoebat

If you want to annoy ISIS terrorists, just blow a horn or play a musical instrument. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam said so:

“Anas narrated that the prophet said, “Two sounds are accursed in this world and the hereafter: (the sound of) musical instruments in time of happiness and wailing during calamity.” (Al-Bazzaar).

And if you think I am kidding, just take a look how the Kurds annoy ISIS during a fire fight:

Its the proven method, sort of like pig fat. It is all written in their books and hundreds of millions of these bigots hate the sound of the trumpet.


It Says So In My Quran

And if you are a girl who just got kidnapped by ISIS and they asked what you do for a living, just tell them that you are a singer since:

The Prophet said while commenting on this verse, “It is not permissible to sell singing girls nor to buy them, nor to trade in them. Their price is Haraam (forbidden). This verse was revealed regarding that.” (At-Tabaraanee).

ISIS fighters have been facing off with Peshmerga soldiers in a series of battles, as both sides vie for control of the city of Kirkuk, which lies between ISIS-controlled territory and Kurdish-controlled areas in northern and northeastern Iraq. As well as running skirmishes, the two sides have been trolling each other online, with Peshmerga fighters posting graphic pictures of slain ISIS fighters and their trolling of ISIS forces from within their fortified positions as the video shows their soldiers taunting ISIS with music (one of the many vices the Islamic State forbids) from within a base, honking toy trumpets over the walls.

Again, its all written in their books.


And if you think this is cruel and mean spirited, just look at ISIS. It has paraded a number of prisoners, supposedly Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, in cages and orange jumpsuits similar to those worn by Jordanian fighter pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh, whom the group subsequently burned alive.


Tweets emerged Friday morning circulating the photos and claiming that the parade took place in Kirkuk, Iraq. Several of the tweets suggest that the prisoners will face a fiery death. The tweets have yet to be confirmed, and could be part of a to-and-fro between ISIS and the Peshmerga army that’s playing out on social media.


And if you want a bonus trick if you are captured by ISIS and are forced to convert to Islam and pray in the assembly of several Muslims. There are ways to escape.


In Islam, one is not allowed to abandon the prayers no matter what except when a Muslim makes the sound of another trumpet. Click here to read Islamic sources on breaking wind in Islam fully arguing about  the other trumpet sound (if you know what I mean) is heard or even if it is passed secretly, a Muslim can run while others must remain praying.

The Peshmerga should sound louder trumpets. And if you want to ensure that Muslims stay aways from your neighborhood, perhaps you can do what this patriot Australian does:

It works and keeps bigoted Muslims far far away.

But as for me. I have already gotten over all this when I dumped Islam altogether and now I, believe it or not, even enjoy this: