Political Ad in Israel Shows ISIS Asking Jew For Directions To Jerusalem

A political ad for the Likud Party (Netanyahu’s party) is instructive on several levels. For one, it demonstrates a cold, hard reality that even now, so many are unwilling to face. ISIS represents a strain of Islam that is actually very mainstream; it wants to conquer Jerusalem.

In the ad, ISIS terrorists in a pickup truck pull up next to a car being driven by an Israeli and ask him which way to Jerusalem. The man in the car, completely oblivious to the threat (a subtle swipe at voters who don’t get it), tells the terrorists what they want to hear.

The translation of what takes place in the ad is as follows via IMRA (h/t WS):

In this video the ISIL gunmen in a vehicle ask someone directions to
Jerusalem and are told “take Left”.
The graphic is “The Left Will Surrender To Terror”
Then a shot of the back of the vehicle showing it has a “Just Not Bibi”
The screen then displays the slogan: “It’s either us or them. Only the
Likud. Only Netanyahu”

The elections take place in one month:


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