GOOD NEWS: Liberals Are Finally Having to Admit that Islam Is a Violent, Evil Religion

Dr. Bill Warner, a physicist with a PhD in both mathematics and physics, makes the compelling case that the mainstream media and leftist leaders are successfully being dragged, kicking and screaming, to reality. For example, he contrasts what the mainstream media said about ‘Jihad’ after 9/11 vs. what it says today.

The message here is that as frustrated as westerners who know the truth about liberalism and Islam have been with the mainstream media, reality is having an effect. Naturally, the effect reality has on the left is a very slow process but be sure to watch the video from Warner below because while the liberals are not facing reality as quickly as realists would like, they are beginning to face it and have come a quantifiable distance since 9/11.

In a world full of bad news, here is something encouraging, via Political Islam:

Of course, there is still the problem that Dr. Warner is not in politics and someone like Zbigniew Brzezinski has been for years and is a close foreign policy advisor to the President. In the days after the Charlie Hebdo attacks last month, Brzezinski admitted on one hand that ‘Jihad’ means holy war. On the other hand, he said we still shouldn’t acknowledge that it’s being waged against us.

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