ISIS Produces A Promotional Video To Promote Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks On The U.S., Canada and Europe

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

ISIS is pushing what they termed “Lone Wolf Agenda” and has produced a promotional video for Muslims living in the U.S., Canada and Europe to kill whom they termed “Crusaders” even including the cover on one promotional piece with “War On The Cross” against the U.S Coalition depicting President Obama burning in flames.

lw4 copy 2

CAPTION ON RIGHT: “Islamic State Challenges The World And Liberates Muslims”. CAPTION ON LEFT: “War On The Cross” with subtitle “The Dogs Of Rome Are Barking In Our Lands”.

Folks have been wondering who is producing these quality videos by ISIS. The firm is called Turjman Asawirti For International Productions which dedicates most of its work for ISIS.

At 3:30: ISIS announces:

“You have seen what one Muslim brother did in Canada and its parliament. And you have seen what our brothers did in France, Australia and Belgium. May Allah have mercy on them and reward them for their [commitment] to Islam. And many others like them who threatened, ran over [with vehicles], maimed and terrorized which caused the armies of the Crusaders to be sent out from Australia, Canada, France and Belgium including other strongholds from the lands of the Cross. We will repeat them upon the time when fearsome terror will come and security is threatened”.

lw1 copy

CAPTION: Omar Al-Hussein. The Lone Wolf Of Copenhagen.

lw3 copy

CAPTION: The Lone Wolves. Insignia of Information Front. The Caliphate.

lw2 copy

CAPTION: The Lone Wolves of Amman And Saudi Arabia. A Special Message To The Private Forces.

However, it is a fact that so far, the largest security services in the world, led by the US and British intelligence services even the Russian have difficulty thwarting the Lone Wolf terrorist method and ISIS now is heavily promoting this agenda on social media.

A lone wolf is not only a very ordinary person living in the community as a member, they also behave like them in that they do not have any unusual activity or act suspicious. They are encouraged to cover up any sign of religious affiliation and are encouraged not pray or become a member in a mosque. They do not belong to any form of criminal or neurotic gang. They are away from the eyes of observers as being a member of a terrorist organization. These are perfect for ISIS.

Any pre-emptive strikes carried out by the security apparatus is useless in preventing these terrorist attacks, because pre-emptive strikes are usually with groups or formations who are usually caught in the course of planning, preparation, and before implementation, which the act fails before it happens.
But this is not the case with a lone wolf and that alone is everything he is. He plans and attends and performs without dispensing any information. Even the people closest to him, as his wife or his father or his mother are not made aware of his plans. He keeps everything in his mind as part of the plan until such time when the bomb is to explode.

As an x-terrorist, this is why my own family were not aware of my terror activity since at times, family members can stop and hinder the plan.

There is no way to prevent such attacks. We have seen this already. This will increase to the point that eventually, “the land of the cross” will have to expel everyone who upholds the crescent.