Watch Leaked Photos Of Muslims In The West Praising The Carcass Of A Dead Terrorist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

It is one thing that a terrorist kills westerners after being allowed to immigrate into western lands, but to see the Muslim community flock in praising him as a martyr should be where the buck ends. Or should I say where the kroner ends, since this event happened in Denmark.

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Terrorist Omar Hussein in an open coffin is seen where the Muslim community came to give their last respect

These are photos from the so-called peaceful Muslim community that support the Islamic terrorist Omar El-Hussein who was finally shot dead by authorities in Copenhagen after he murdered two people and injured two police officers. Yet, his funeral was attended by hundreds of Muslims, mostly young males who covered their faces since they are “peaceful” when their faces are uncovered.

The special prayer over the martyr has to be given and the martyr is buried without the customary shroud in his blood stains in order to be received in heaven and recognized for his martyrdom.


Muslims gather to pray for the “martyr”

A radical Salafi cleric was there with his own photographer and had photos of him taken standing over the burial plot while holding up his index finger, known as the Islamic Sabbabah sign; it is an affirmation of the Islamic faith that there is only one God (no Son or Holy Spirit).


Muslims gather are the burial of the “martyr”

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And when you think that the Muslim media would condemn all this? Think again. Here is a caption from The Muslim Press Agency:

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“More then 500 Muslim commemorate the Palestinian martyr Omar Hussein who attacked the artist who insulted the prophet” says the headline which even included his martyrdom for attacking “the Jewish synagogue”.

It is time that the people of the crescent, leave the lands of the people of the cross. But I guess Denmark has abandoned its heritage and the result is that another heritage is glad to creep in: Islam.