It is time for Jews and Christians to rise up in righteous anger, and I mean rise up for a real crusade!!

The day of Lord (the Messiah) is not far off, the question is are you going to sit back and watch, or are you going to act and attack evil, defend freedom and rescue our brethren.

day of the lord

God is watching all of us and if you are luke warm you are as good as cold, and you know where that might lead. So it is time to be on fire for the Lord, as we are now in a religious battle, no secular policies or ideology can defeat Islam or the ISIS whack jobs that wish to kill or subjugate all of the world. The situation is now worse than the 1930s when Hitler was brewing his sorcery of destruction and conquest. Today it is the turn of Islam and the Turkish serpents who are building the caliphate right in front of your eyes.

Our Usurper in Chief, watches his liberal journalist American friends get murdered with their heads severed in a grisly video made to intimidate, yet Obama only finds time for the golf course, and we Jews and Christians who run along with our loyal readers and supporters are more outraged over the death of Americans than this regime of Islamophiles and liberal mush heads. Forget the Republicans who get more upset with Rudy Giuliani for having the courage to state the obvious than standing up to this Muslim Brotherhood stooge that occupies the White House. That is right, we have an “occupation” of the White House, it is occupied by a traitor and an enemy of the United States. We may not be able to have him removed from office but the will of the American people can be done by going around him and do what is right by God and not by the rule of corrupt men.

We have strong connections on the ground in Iraq, with a small team of Christian warriors, we would like to send ten thousand Christian warrior reinforcements as soon as possible to Kurdistan, and supply them with whatever is necessary to help in the fight for our Brethren who in danger of being wiped out. We have been already working for several months helping in providing connections and support to save girls from sex slavery, we have not publicized this work or provided details but the warriors we have already have a foothold so we can provide extra support by finding the right people to send as well as financial support for the mission.

Your Muslim president only wants to give Islamic fundamentalists weapons, he and the sell out Republicans have already supplied weapons to ISIS terrorists, that is why the truth of Benghazi has never been given to the American people. Too many heads would roll from both sides of the political aisle if the real truth was delivered. The liberal media, as well as much of the so-called conservative media just let the scandals ride by. The current United States Government is corrupt no matter what party is in power, that includes many of the so-called Tea Party favorites. They no longer represent the needs or will of the American people, we are being had, our Constitution usurped, our people deceived, and our taxes robbed or wasted on special interests. Supplying weapons to terrorists is a “moderate” position, however the very same “moderates” will call us “extreme” for wishing to defend the innocent and for trying to kill the real terrorists.

Isaiah 5:20 states

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!



If you cannot fight, you can support the fight financially. In order to finance a 10,000 man army, properly equipped will cost about twenty million US dollars a month. We need 20,000 people to pledge a thousand dollars a month or 200,000 to pledge $100.00 a month. Let us make a start by getting a small company of Christian crusading soldiers (about 3 platoons of about 40 men) willing to travel to Kurdistan to join the battle, as we grow we will send more until we can get 10,000 into the field. Obama won’t do it so we have to! The Muslims call their war of conquest and barbarism a “Jihad,” we call it a “crusade,” to defend the innocent against this Jihad. American Christians: “it is now a time to defend our people against evil, for the evil is now obvious and if not us, who else will be willing to take up the sword to defend the innocent?” Ignoring evil is a sin, rising up to defend the innocent is the ultimate act of love.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13


We need former veterans (Under 35) who are just out of the army and wish to volunteer. email us at [email protected]

Here is a special link for those that wish to finance the fight for Judeo Christian values. All money donated on this link will only be used for this special crusade donate here


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