LOUISIANA GOVERNOR BLOWS IT: Calls Turkey an ‘Ally’ And Recommends Arming Muslims Who Want a Caliphate

In his interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal started out just fine when talking about the need for the U.S. to identify Islamic fundamentalists as the enemy… and then came the 3:57 mark. At that point, Jindal referred to Turkey as an ‘ally’ the U.S. should rely on to remove Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Jindal also said he thinks Congress should give Obama ‘more than he’s asked for’.

What Jindal clearly does not understand is that every Muslim group in opposition to Assad in Syria seeks a Caliphate, including Turkey (h/t Right Scoop):

As Shoebat.com has chronicled over the last month, Jindal has been one of the rare politicians who has shown a willingness to speak out against the Obama administration on issues like the politically correct morass of what to call Islamic terrorism. This latest performance by Jindal shows he just doesn’t get it.

Turkey is not an ally of the west, regardless of its status as a NATO member state.


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