VIDEO EVIDENCE: ‘Moderate’ Muslim Who Sits on Islamic Tribunal in Dallas Supports Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists and Prays for Victory for Muslims in Somalia, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, et. al.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last April (posted below and in Arabic), a Muslim who has been featured recently in a Dallas Morning News article in his capacity as a moderate Muslim judge, appears to be anything but moderate. In the video, that judge – Taher el-Badawi – makes it clear who he supports – Muslim Brotherhood extremists and terrorists throughout the Middle East. He even referred to fundamentalist scholars at a prominent Egyptian university as not being fundamentalist enough.

Islamic Tribunal in Dallas

Islamic Tribunal in Dallas

El-Badawi is clearly a Muslim fundamentalist in Dallas who is portraying himself as a moderate. The Islamic tribunal he sits on mediates civil disputes based on Sharia law. As is normally the case, one side is arguing that such tribunals serve as the camel’s nose under the tent, that real Sharia law is on the horizon. The other side paints such people as paranoid kooks who don’t have anything to worry about.

The video of el-Badawi below points to the ‘kooks’ being right… again.

Taher el-Badawi (photo Dallas Morning News)

Taher el-Badawi (photo Dallas Morning News)

El-Badawi has expressed some extremely radical views when speaking in Arabic.

In the video, el-Badawi is seen speaking at an event. At the very beginning of the video, viewers can see the logo of MAS Youth. Presumably, this stands for Muslim American Society, a group long ago confirmed to have been founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, thanks to a phone book introduced into the Holy Land Foundation trial. That phone book included several Muslim Brotherhood members who founded the MAS, to include Jamal Badawi.

At the 1:20 mark, el-Badawi prays (translated):

“Allah give victory to Islam and the Muslims and defeat the associationists [Kafirs]… make our brethren the Muslims who are persecuted in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Burma, Kashmir and Somalia and all the Arab and Islamic nations where Muslims are persecuted. Give us refuge with them”

The ‘persecuted’ Muslims el-Badawi is talking about in Egypt are precisely the Muslim Brotherhood supporters and terrorists who Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi has been fighting. In Syria, el-Badawi is talking about supporting Muslim Brotherhood rebels who are seeking to remove Bashar al-Assad. The Muslims in Palestine el-Badawi supports are clearly Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood wing that wants to eliminate all Jews. When it comes to Somalia, this is a reference to al-Shabab terrorists and like-minded groups.

What is the one thing all of these groups have in common?

Answer: They all seek a Caliphate.

At the very end of the video, el-Badawi reveals that he’s even more of an Islamic fundamentalist than the Islamic scholars at al-Azhar University in Cairo that el-Sisi admonished recently. Here is what el-Badawi said (translated):

“Al-Azhar scholars have sold their religion for this world.”

In other words, he is saying that the scholars are not fit because they do not adhere enough to fundamental Islam.

To illustrate, late last year, el-Sisi went to Al-Azhar – the same university el-Badawi said wasn’t radical enough – and admonished them for being too fundamentalist:

Earlier this month, el-Badawi sat down on a long couch in the middle of a field, with one of his fellow judges on the tribunal and did an interview with Glenn Beck. Things to look out for in this exchange include the western dress of el-Badawi and the clean-shaven face. Stealth jihadists who support the fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood would behave exactly as el-Badawi does in this interview. It’s worth noting that the video above was available to Beck’s producers. In this one clip, it seems that el-Badawi does all the talking and goes unchallenged:

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