Muslims Force Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Into Actual Concentration Camps Where They Are Brutally Tortured, Raped, And Made To Endure Grueling Slavery. But Rescue Christians Is Now Doing Undercover Missions To Save Thousands Of Them (NOW IS YOUR TIME TO JOIN THE MISSION)


Muslims are forcing tens of thousands of Christians into concentration camps in Pakistan. The labor camps that these Christians are in most definitely fit the description of concentration camps. For they are forced into hard labor, in an area where they are made to live in despotic and impoverished living conditions; they are forced to endure all sorts of brutal torture, and the Muslims see them as disposable, and will eventually slaughter them in a future holocaust of Christians.

Our team in Pakistan has informed us that there are about 20,000 Christian families enslaved in these camps where they are forced into hard labor, making bricks, just as the Hebrews were forced to make bricks in Egypt, from the early morning to the late afternoon, and sometimes even later than that. They are also forced to go through the most horrific torture. In one event, Muslims in one of the camps forced a husband to be imprisoned in a room while they raped his wife in the other room.

Most frequently Christian men are forced to watch their wives get raped right before their eyes, and brutal beatings against the Christians happen at a daily basis.

We at Rescue Christians have been the most active in freeing these Christian slaves from these concentration camps, and have rescued thousands from Islamic persecution in Pakistan. Our team on the ground was able to produce a documentary showing exclusive interviews of the victims we have saved, and actual footage of the slaves in their hard labor. Watch this documentary and spread it around to everyone you know:





Here are some photos of actual general brick kiln labor in Pakistan

brick kiln


Pakistan Daily Life

MDG : Slavery and bonded labour : A boy makes bricks at a brick factory in pakistan

The children of God have been enduring the onslaught of the sons of Belial since Cain crushed the head of Abel. This is the life of the Christian: agony, torment, persecution and oppression, travails and endless forlorn days.

Our only prayer is that their suffering shall stir the storms of pity within your souls, and their tears water the ground of your hearts, so that the tree of charity may grow within your spirits.

We cannot forget the suffering of our Lord: how they scourged Him, how they mocked Him, how they scoffed Him, how they gashed His divine head with a crown of thorns, how they pierced His holy side with the lance, how He endured the bitter state of abandonment, crying out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” We cannot cast aside all of these moments from our minds, and not help but remember Simon of Cyrene, the one who helped Christ carry His Cross.

And this is what we are asking you to do: to carry the Cross of Christ. When we see these poor Christians suffer the greatest of torments, of tortures, of agonies, of anguish, of death, we are seeing Christ. And when we help them and save them from their torments, we are being just like Simon of Cyrene, lifting up the Cross with Christ, and thus bearing fruits worthy of redemption.

When Christians are persecuted in this spiritual war with darkness, then they partake in the Crucifixion of Christ, and alas this is what is to be learned from the story of Simon of Cyrene, the man who the Roman guards “compelled to bear His cross.” (Matthew 27:32) Christ could have carried the cross Himself, for with Him nothing is impossible. But by Providence, it was destined that Simon would help Christ carry up the cross, in order to show us that God wants us to partake in the Holy Passion of His Son.

It was on Simon that “they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus.” (Luke 23:26) And so do we, the soldiers of Christ, relive what Simon underwent, suffering the travails of this great and cosmic battle against evil and the demonic, “bearing His cross,” (John 19:17) that we may partake in the holy Crucifixion, and fill up in our flesh “what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ” (Colossians 1:24). We pick up our cross and follow Christ, and in emulating Him do we emulate His Passion. This is why Christ told St. Paul, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” (Acts 9:4) When the Church is persecuted, Christ is persecuted. When we defend the persecuted we help Christ carry His Cross.

Now is your opportunity to pick up this Cross of agony that these Christians are having to carry. Give something of yourself, to help save the oppressed children of God.