Prayers Were Answered As ISIS Released 23 Assyrian Christian Hostages. Churches Throughout The World Should Pray This Sunday That The Rest Are Released.

By Walid Shoebat

An ISIS Sharia Court in Tel Tamer Al-Hasakah province, northeast of Syria issued a provision for the release of 23 Assyrian Christians from the village of Tel Curran, who had been detained since last Monday.

Fayez Curco, head of Politics and Media from the Khabur Assyrian Guard Forces stated that: “Assyrian military leadership has received calls through brokers, stating that the Islamic State (ISIS) told them that [besides the 23] the abductees from other villages, will be subject to sharia courts to decide their fate,” noting that “none of those [23] who were released have yet left the ISIS controlled areas”.

Another source, Media activist Siraj Al Huskkawi, said that “around 20 Assyrians from the village of Tel Curran were released today, after ISIS controlled Shaddadi Court declared their innocence and a delegation Bakkara and Craben Arab clans from Tel Tamer arrived today to Shaddadi to broker the release of the kidnapped. ”

On a different note, it was confirmed that the ISIS organization “released a young Assyrian man named Sargon David who was being held two months ago” noting that “this was a separate incident, and had nothing to do with the issue of detainees.”

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Sargon David celebrating his release from ISIS with a family from Jabal Abdul-Aziz

It is noteworthy that the organization of the Islamic State (ISIS) attacked on Monday Assyrian villages in the vicinity of the Tel Tamer kidnapping over 350 Christian hostages including women and children.

This would constitute less than 10% of the captives. Ask your churches this Sunday to pray that the rest get released.

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