How To Stop Christians From Free Speech: Threaten Their Life. The Threat Goes On Record And Now Muslims And Liberals Can File A Complaint To Police To Ban You From Public Speaking Since Having A Price On Your Head Is A Threat To Public Safety. Bingo.

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

How To Stop Christians From Free Speech: Threaten Their Life. The Threat Goes On Record And Now Muslims And Liberals Can File A Complaint To Police To Ban You From Public Speaking Since Having A Price On Your Head Is A Threat To Public Safety. Bingo.

This is exactly what happened to Kamal Saleem, a convert from Islam to Christianity. His work on exposing Sharia solicits death threats and death threats go to police and police file them. So when Kamal, a public speaker on the internal threat to America posed by Sharia was invited to speak at Allegan High School in Michigan by event organizer former state Rep. Agema where organizers had asked two police officers be present for the event. Allegan city police, including Chief Hoyer, were at the scene. Shortly before it was to begin, a woman told police “that Kamal Saleem had a $25 million bounty on his head,” as records showed that Saleem had filed complaints of death threats by Muslims on his life.


Police Chief Rick Hoyer

So in order to secure the case of “guilty by being threatened,” a police officer talked to Saleem’s bodyguard, who didn’t deny the existence of the bounty. The bodyguard “further stated that there had been death threats directed toward Kamal Saleem from Islamic terrorists in the past,” records showed.

So since Saleem was “guilty as charged” of having been under threat, Hoyer ordered the event shut down while Saleem was speaking.

Agema, logically, who could not believe what he was watching, and the others filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the City of Allegan, its Muslim supporting police chief and officers and the liberal U.S. District Judge Janet Neff dismissed the cases.


Judge Janet Neff

Her excuse? “Because a principal purpose of traditional public forums is the free exchange of ideas, speakers can be excluded from a public forum only when the exclusion is necessary to serve a compelling state interest and the exclusion is narrowly drawn to achieve that interest,” Neff wrote in her opinion.

What “compelling state interest”? Public safety, of course.

She added: “Similarly, when the government has intentionally designated a place or means of communication as a public forum, speakers cannot be excluded without a compelling governmental interest. Access to a nonpublic forum, however, can be restricted as long as the restrictions are ‘reasonable and (are) not an effort to suppress expression merely because public officials oppose the speaker’s view,'” Neff wrote, referencing previous U.S. Supreme Court rulings.

So now, Muslims threatening converts to Christianity, accusing them as being “frauds” is of course a restriction in this judge’s eyes since a threat is regarded as a “compelling governmental interest”.

The federal judge said that: “The School District Defendants assert that the testimony in this case has instead consistently confirmed that it was the report of the bounty, death threats and security concerns that motivated the termination.”

Neff has earlier ruled that police Chief Hoyer’s decision to halt the speech after hearing the bodyguard report death threats by Islamic extremists “was a reasonable safety precaution and a legitimate reaction to a potentially dangerous situation at a public high school.”

School officials, of course, said they acted on the advice of police. Of course.

Had Saleem been conducting a seminar on safe gay sex, and how to dress up a banana with a condom, things would have just been ‘okay’. And then you have, of course, the naysayers, that anyone who is an X-Muslim must also be ‘a fraud’ since Muslims, according to these, would never abandon the religion of peace. So the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-MI, and People for the American Way, disputed Saleem’s claims that he was once an Islamic terrorist, and contacted the school district before the event occurred.

It is rather ironic, that when it serves the interest of public safety, Muslims cry “he was a terrorist” and “there is a bounty on his life”. But when the speaker succeeds in delivering his message, it serves the slanderous devils interests to say “he was never a terrorist”.

So which is it? Was Saleem a terrorist or not?

CNN once aired: “… an x-terrorist, its Walid Shoebat’s claim to fame … The problem of the story, with a lot of Shoebat’s stories, is there is no evidence for them…the police in South Dakota never knew he was fraud.”

‘Hmmm, so I guess I wasn’t a terrorist after all’. X-Muslims must have been a fiction, a figment of our own imagination, or maybe we are some hallucinating psychopaths!

If so, why would the same CNN days later link us to Anders Behring Breivik, saying that we were terrorists because Breivik supposedly quoted our writings?

So, a terrorist, is only a terrorist, not when he remains as a Muslim terrorist, but only when he converts to Christianity.

Slanderers never make up their mind since their mind is made up by their agendas.