AUSTRALIA: Anti-Israel Leftist and Muslim hatemongers hijack university lecture by retired U.K. Army Colonel

A lecture about the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and non-state armed insurgents by Army Col. Richard Kemp at the University of Sydney was disrupted by a gang of screaming banshees who fought with campus security and students, shouting “Richard Kemp, you can’t hide, you support genocide.”


Jewish News  Kemp was giving a lecture about ethical dilemmas of military tactics and dealing with non-state armed groups from his perspective on the IDF,” Kemp said. “I was in Israel during the 2014 summer conflict and I do believe that the IDF in their attack on Hamas in Gaza … were doing everything they could to protect civilians… people have told me I am wrong, but no one has told me what more steps Israel could have taken to minimize civilian casualties.”

Leading the protest was Professor Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) at the university.  He shouted in the faces of students and screamed that attempts to remove the protesters was a violent attack on freedom of speech by security guards. He was also seen holding money to the face of a Jewish student (below) and filmed students in attendance without consent.


Pro-Hamas thugs stood on chairs, shoved students attending the lecture, and shouted down those who objected to their behavior, wrestling with security guards before being removed from the hall.

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) said on Wednesday night the protest was a deliberate attempt to intimidate Jews in the audience, and described it as an “aggressive attack on the academic pursuit of knowledge and information, as well as free speech.” The lecture was resumed after a 15 minute disruption.