WATCH NEW RELEASED VIDEO: ISIS Beheads 8 Spies In A Similar Fashion As They Did The 21 Copts

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

ISIS issues another round of executions similar to what we have seen before with the Copts: red jump suits, kneeling and beheadings, yet the accusations in this one titled By Allah We Will Revenge was mostly for treason and passing information to the enemy. Last week ISIS released a video charging a Palestinian of being an Israeli Mossad spy.

The incident happened in the Al-Bukamal city in eastern Syria on the Euphrates River near the border with Iraq. In the video, the first 1 minute shows ISIS complaining about the damage by U.S. led coalition attributing the suffering to spies like the 8 who were being executed. Although the video was released 22 hours ago, could not find any western media that mentioned or referenced the release (start at 1:44):

The accusations where announced by ISIS range from collaboration and giving information to the coalition regarding ISIS terrorists and being members of the Sahawat (tribal forces against ISIS in Saudi Arabia and Jordan). There names are as follows:

Ahmad Abdul Jabbar Ali Al-Rawi, accusation, gave information about ISIS for the coalition.

Basim Ahmad Al-Abdallah Al-Abeidi, accusation membership with Ahrar Al-Sham. Membership in Sahawat (tribes).

Khalid Muhammad Al-Abdallah Al-Abeidi. Accusation: membership with Ahrar Al-Sham. Membership in Sahawat (tribes) in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Saher Muhammad Saleh Al-Rawi. Spying for the enemy in Haditha.

Salam Hammadi Mahmoud Al-Tai. Passing information to the enemy.

Gharbi Akkash Ahmad Al-Farraji. Testified against Mujahideen in court.

Karam Sa’eed Abul Karim Juhan. Interrogated Mujahideen.

Umar Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mujawdeh. Member of Sahawat (tribes) in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.