UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO has become sharia-compliant as it bars any criticism of Islam

Resolutuon 6S bans “prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.” In other words, voicing anti-Muslim sentiment against barbaric sharia law or political Islam, including Islamic jihadism/terrorism, is now officially banned at this American college campus.



Sen. Udell Calzadillas Chavez, who introduced Resolution 6S, said there is a widespread culture of fear and ignorance that perpetuates violence against Muslims.  The purpose of the resolution is to provoke better understanding of Islam in the UNM community. (No, it is to stifle free speech)

“This is a proactive approach to events in the United States and around the world,” he said.


Citing domestic attacks against Islam such as the February killing of three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina (totally unrelated to their being Muslim) and a Molotov cocktail being thrown at the Albuquerque Islamic Center last year, as well as the continuing fight against ISIS in the Middle East, the legislation states that UNM “should stand strong in opposition of Islamophobia and related hate crimes.”

DCClothesline  Anti-Muslim hate crime barely registers. Anti-Jewish, anti-black and anti-gay hate crimes are significantly more common, with antisemitic hate crime coming in at over 60%. But facts, reality and truth are hate speech now. Faked hate leading to anti-freedom legislation. Muslim anti-semitism on college campuses is rampant, but you never see resolutions, newspaper articles, prohibitions on that nazism.


The document defined Islamophobia as “dislike or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.” Ihsan Wadud-Rodriguez, a senior Psychology major and Muslim student, said prejudice is often driven by inaccurate and uninformed presumptions about Muslims and the religion they practice.

“Islam has been unfairly confounded with cultural practices,” Wadud-Rodriguez said. “Those very cultural practices which are not supported by Americans are also not supported by Islam. There’s no contradiction: I don’t experience any self-discrepancy between my American values and Islamic values.”


Wadud-Rodriguez said judgments shouldn’t be rashly conjured simply by the distinct appearance of a Muslim.

“I’m just hoping to spread understanding and have Muslim students feel more safe on campus and not have to worry if they seem like they’re affiliated with Islam,” she said. “If their name is Muhammad, if they’re wearing a hijab, then they’re going to be targeted.” (No evidence of that)

Rameez Burney, a business graduate student and member of the(Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front group) Muslim Student Association, said he hopes the passage of the resolution will prompt University students to do their research on the Islamic religion and culture so that they realize their initial conclusions may be false. (Indeed, let them read the quran to find out that that their initial impressions of Islam were wrong, they are, in reality, a whole lot worse)

Will the university adopt the same punishments that Muslims have for anti-Islam criticism?

Will the university adopt the same punishments that Muslims have for anti-Islam criticism?