WATCH The Carnage Where 3 Synchronized Suicide Bombers Kill 137 And Wound 345 At Two Mosques In Yemen

The attacks, in which four bombers wearing explosive belts targeted two mosques used mainly by the Shiite Houthis and their supporters in the Yemeni capital San’a on Friday killing 137 people and wounding 345 others. obtained videos of the carnage at the Badr and Al-Hashhoush mosques busy neighborhoods in central Sanaa:

The claim to the bombing made by ISIS posted on a public forum cannot be verified from any ISIS website sources which Reuters reported. However, obtained official report from Al-Bayan, an ISIS affiliated radio which took the claim to the operation:

One of the victims was Mutada Al-Mahtouri, a major Islamic Houthi scholar who was killed in the Hashhoush Mosque.



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