Obama Is An Anti Semite 100% Pure Evil

By Walid Shoebat

Now we know, the White House was directly involved in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week’s general election, during a nadir in ties between the Israeli leader and US President Barack Obama, a senior Jerusalem official said Tuesday.

Also, Mark Levin has apparently gotten the insider details on the phone conversation between Obama and Netanyahu, and reveals that Obama did NOT call Bibi to congratulate him on his victory. Instead, he called him to make demands to remove his ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer.

In America, you have the saying of “guilt by association”. While at times the use of this line is valid, other times, associations speaks volumes. No one should accuse you of a crime because you hanged out at one point in time with someone who later decided to commit murder, but political associations do speak volumes when you are in agreement with someone and you carry out the plans of demented individuals.

Obama for example, his top aid says that Israel is an occupation. Obama also calls Netanyahu the other day telling him to fire his ambassador to the United States. Are we to ignore this?

Their are some characters whom Obama associated with which could explain Obama’s disdain for Israel. Take Edward Said, Obama was seen at least about half a dozen times, often at Palestinian and Arab-American community events in Chicago including a May 1998 community fundraiser at which Edward Said was the keynote speaker.


From left to right, Michelle Obama, then Illinois state senator Barack Obama, Columbia University Professor Edward Said and Mariam Said at a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Edward Said gave the keynote speech. (Image from archives of Ali Abunimah)

Edward Said, is one Jew hater and an intellectual who was elevated by the educated elites. I always wonder  why we always see their photos looking like this:

es1 copy

The hand holding the head with eyes contemplating is always a photo that is intended to make us contemplate what is on the man’s mind. Or is it that the man has too much brains for his neck to carry his head? We romanticize these images and talk about so-called geniuses as if they are something special.


And whats with the big book? All I see are dark eyes. Yet when these very nutty professors act like monkeys, we rarely spread the word. Here is the same man, Obama’s buddy, stoning at the Jews:

es2 copy



They say it was a cellphone he tossed at the Jews cross the fence. Yet it looks like the same type of Siwwan rocks I grew up with which we slung at the Jews. Here it seems that Obama’s buddy, Edward Said packed his brains in a rock to express what is in his heart: pure Jew hatred.

esc copy

What exactly is an intellectual nowadays anyway? They could write books on the necessity to advance democracy and to change dictatorships in the Middle East where their written words sounds convincing, but only on paper. We see the results of their ideas, and like Obama’s ideas for Syria, Iraq, Egypt and the entire middle east, it is exploding with hundreds of thousands dead, because they could not figure out what a street vendor can tell you that in the Middle East we have divides. We have Arab Jew divide, Sunni Shiite divide, Sufi Wahhabi divide, Muslim Christian divide, Catholic Protestant divide, secular none secular divide … divides that never end so long religion and ideologies exists. So a child can figure out that borders and separations are necessary to sustain life.

So they tell us then to do away with religion altogether with photos on book covers that seem to make us think, these are some heavy brains, and we listen to them not realizing that these poison our minds to  end up in even more Stalin style disasters.

Then we have Barack Obama’s connection to radical Islamists such as Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah. And I ask, why would such connections received scant media attention? Ali Abunimah runs the Electronic Intifada website said that he met Obama at many pro-Palestinian events in Chicago.

If the media was interested in truth, why would the Los Angeles Times refuse in 2008 to relinquish a very damaging video of Barack Obama speaking at an event for Rashid Khalidi in 2003.


From left to right, Rashid Khalidi, Mrs. Obama, Mr. Obama

Khalidi was a former mouthpiece for Yasser Arafat’s PLO and a virulent anti-Semite who also poisoned young men’s minds to wrap themselves with explosives in order to kill Jews. As you might expect, Khalidi, like Edward Said, also has a history of speaking of peace in English and hate in Arabic. Viewed in this context, Obama’s reverence for Khalidi would help explain his support for the Brotherhood in Egypt. As the Arab Spring was descending on Egypt in 2011, Khalidi wrote an op-ed that appeared at the Salon website. It said, in part:

The unimpeded participation of the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups in anticipated elections will be a crucial marker of change, but the most critical questions are whether there will be genuine regime change. This will require a dismantling of the police state… (The Case For Islamophobia, page 240)

We all witnessed the results. And we still have thousands of nutty professors who tell us that Khalidi and Said are geniuses. Do these have better understanding of the world than a street vendor?

A special tribute at the farewell dinner came from Khalidi’s friend and frequent dinner companion, the young state Sen. Barack Obama. Speaking to the crowd, Obama reminisced about meals provided by Khalidi’s wife, Mona, and conversations that had challenged his thinking. I guess the Baklava and the stuffed grape leaves helped a lot. In the Middle East, we say “feed the mouth, so you can humble the eye”. In other words, hospitality is the key in which you kiss a dog, if you must in order to get what you want. That too is a common Arab saying.

His many talks with the Khalidis, Obama said, had been “consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases”. What biases did Obama undo from Mona’s Baklavas that had him have a disdain for Jewish Gefilte fish and Challa.

Here, I will tell you of Challah. After the Israelis won the Six-Day War in 1967, before my father lost his teaching job in Jericho, he and some other teachers at his school took some students and us to one of Israel’s coastal cities. I was six years old when the bus came to pick us all up on the dawning of the day for a field trip to cross over what used to be the prohibited side, where the Jew roamed—Israel proper.

A little later on that trip to the coast, as we ventured around town with the teachers from my father’s school and there we saw an old European Chassidic Jew sitting on the ground selling only Challah, that beautifully braided bread that I just met for the first time. Challah was shiny, golden and glowed as if she was a beautiful desired blond that was a rarity to our sight. The teachers paid the man a shilling and bought a loaf.

998challa party jumbo

I was handed some. Challa was as sweet as honey. I’d wondered why only the food purchased from a Jew with money was it the only time when it is safe to eat, we were always told that Jews laced food with poison, but not when it was given for free, I guessed.

The teachers then, and for unknown reason whatsoever, began to insult the old man in Arabic, mocking at him, “Look at him,” said Fatima one of the schoolteachers who was a widow that my father liked and said that one day he will add her as a second wife. “Look how dirty and shabby looking he is” Fatima continued. “He must have came from Germany, fresh out of the oven,” another said laughing. Another one mocked the rings of hair on either side of his face.


The first time I have seen two braids on the temples of an old man. It was also my first lesson on how Jews gave an obsequious bow knowing perfectly well his role when scorned by ‘pedigree’. It was rather strange, even I, a six year old knew this ancient soul had just won a victory in six days and now the victor ingested all the derision into his soul from his vanquished enemy!

There I Met Challah

Challah was sweet
Challah had braided hair
Her maker was braided too

Her maker was a man of sorrows
Afflicted with grief
Like Him; Challah was a Jew

(Walid Shoebat)


I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I had just tasted what his hands had baked, that sweet hair-braided old man just provided us with sweet braided delight. The scene had made an impact on my soul to remember for decades to come. I never knew all these years, during all these encounters that I was running into Israel—one suffering servant.

It is true that food can be laced with poison. The poison is usually words written in books that are sold to the naive who get consumed with credentials, fancy language and sophist style arguments. Jews don’t lace the food with poison. The real poison is sold by the likes of Obama, Khalidi and Said and the million others who are roaming in derision against the Jew. To solve the epidemic of hatred, we are told, the Jew must leave Judea.

Well, have the Muslim leave Mecca then.

Must I also write about a volume worth, with Obama’s connection to a family of anti-Semites? Or should a picture be worth a thousand words?


Obama’s brother Malik Obama



Indeed, the case of guilt by association can be made, that is, when the associates and the accused are of the same mind, selling the same type of poison to the masses.

I rest my case.

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