Russia And Turkey Sounding The Drumbeats Of World War III


By Walid Shoebat

The Middle East is looking more like the Hindenburg hydrogen filled blimp where a spark could ignite it up in flames anytime soon. Today we hear of one spark coming from Poland which wants NATO nukes to counter what it considers Russia threat. Then we have Turkey igniting fire-works at every Russian blimp as it has already imposed restrictions on Russian cargo ships at the Bosporus Strait delaying their passage through the waterway in a  “clear violation” of international norms. We even see one Russian soldier who was spotted atop a Russian warship Caesar Kunikov, with a shoulder-fired missile while crossing the Bosporus. This is yet another spark that could ignite from a simple trigger to a complex war. Then we have Turkey entering Iraq, uninvited, with troops on the ground, while the Iraqi government is screaming for it to leave while crying out to the world: “military occupation”.


A Russian soldier was spotted atop a Russian warship Caesar Kunikov, with a shoulder-fired missile while crossing the Bosporus. It was considered a move that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu called a “provocation.”

Following the downing of a Russian jet by two Turkish F-16s last week and an increasing Russian military presence in Syria since the incident, Turkey may play its valuable trump card and close its straits to Russian ships if it considers its national security threatened. This will definitely ignite the blimp.

Then we have President Vladimir Putin also ordered the deployment of long-range S-400 air defense missile systems to a Russian air base in Syria just 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the border with Turkey threatening to shoot down any Turkish jets.

Putin, many falsely think, stands alone, not considering that China might come to the aid of its ally. Turkey is confident since Turkey’s president knows he has such a spiritual influence on the U.S. through his Cushite male slave, Obama, and on Europe, through his Gothic concubine Merkel of Germany.


Don’t you love this photo. Its priceless. Erdogan caressing Obama cheek telling him “Well done my good and faithful slave”

The NATO alliance’s program allows non-nuclear countries like Poland to borrow US missiles, a move by Poland would unlikely be taken kindly by Russia. The Russian leader sits on the world’s second-biggest nuclear arsenal. He has shown he is willing to use force, and to escalate. The East is more stubborn than the West. All nations know that any attempt to confront Russia militarily risks the end of life on the planet and are better not pursued. Putin and his senior associates regularly refer to their nuclear weapons in both public and private meetings with foreigners. Most recently the gadfly Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested dropping a nuclear weapon in the Bosphorus to obliterate Istanbul.


So will the U.S. stand with Turkey if and when all hell breaks loose? One has to imagine a chess-game between God and the devil. If the devil puts the U.S. as a knight in the chessboard, the United States is overwhelmingly dominant in every part of the military spectrum, from space to cyber via conventional and nuclear weapons, just as the Western alliance with its combined GDP of around $40 trillion, and population of 800 million, is overwhelmingly more powerful than Russia with its GDP of $1.7 trillion and population of 140 million.

That is, unless two things happen. The first is that Russia will win the moral ground. Americans historically always stood with what is right, despite that their government at times could have been elected devils. The second is that the U.S. elections results next year, is a chip in God’s hand, and the Scottish-American highlander, sir Donald Trump wins, then the devil is in checkmate. It is the type of thing where God finally shows up.

And besides all this serious cyber rattling, now in Iraq, Turkey began the deployment process of its troops into Iraq’s sovereignty. Beginning on December 3rd and ended late night December 5th Turkish troops crossed into Iraq with 1,200 soldiers along with 25 tanks and several armored vehicles in the Bashiqa region near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

We are seeing the trumpets of war sound and it could ignite World War III, which is on the horizon. How fast things moved just in the last month and a week. All this, just right after ‘experts’ were positive when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended an opening ceremony for a mosque in Russia with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yet from the Bible, we said otherwise; the Antichrist, Daniel tells us will be attacked from the north (Russia) and Putin today makes it clear, this is not about tomatoes:

“But if anyone thinks that having committed this awful war crime, the murder of our people, that they are going to get away with some measures concerning their tomatoes or some limits on construction and other sectors, they are sorely mistaken”

Russia is preparing for an “anti-Turkey” posture and the downing of the jet may have been the last straw that broke the Russian-bear’s back. Russia’s negative view of Turkey started some time ago regarding Caucasia, the Mediterranean, Cyprus and beyond. Russia will soon reinforce its anti-Turkey policies with the support of other allies such as Iran (for now), China and India: Turkey’s bad news from the east (Daniel 11:44).

While some think that Turkey’s NATO alliance has many friends, Russia also has a loyalty in the Middle East. Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee Hakim al-Zamili already addressed Turkey’s military deployment in Mosul an act of “occupation” and said the Iraqi army was ready to bomb Turkish forces there, another spark that could get the kettle boiling.

The Iraqi parliament’s defense committee chairman calling the move “an incursion.” Zamili said Turkey’s military thus targeting Iraqi sovereignty and added that Iraqi Air Forces informed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the situation and were waiting for his permission to attack Turkish troops. The American faulty understanding of the Middle East created a void that will soon be filled by either Iran or Turkey.

Mosul, a city of more than one million people, was under the control of Northern Iraqi Kurdistan until last year. But in June 2014, ISIS terrorist group seized the biggest city in northern Iraq after heavy clashes with northern Iraqi Kurdish forces.

So now Turkey, like the rest do, is using the ‘War On ISIS’ as an excuse to enter Iraq’s richest oil fields.

And its not only the riches of Iraq that Turkey is interested in. It wants Egypt and Syria (Daniel 11).

A word of eastern wisdom. The Turkish locusts whenever they invade, they always initiate famine and hunger. I learned this from our own history when My grandfather Daud was in the Ottoman army fighting against the British during World War One. All my Grandpa Daud had was a sword, a gun and a horse. He said they were always hungry because the Turks brought a mass starvation throughout the whole land. He and his fellow soldiers would pick the grains and hay out of their horses’ manure, then bake those into crackers to eat.

Even nature switches things around when the chewing locusts and the crawling locusts and the swarming locusts invade (Joel 1:4). Many Arabs would transfer from fighting for the Ottomans when the British gave them bars of chocolate to come fight with them instead. The land had pleanty to give of its yields when the Jew came home and now the Turks are set to invade, even Israel in few years, to take away “their livestock and seize their goods and carry off plunder” (Ezekiel 38:12) because the Turkish locust always brings starvation and war.

It is a spiritual rule-of-thumb, when the Muslim locust marches for war, the earth becomes barren.

Our hatred for the Turk did not stem when only I became Christian. I remember when one time the TV was showing a documentary on the Ottoman Turks and my father got so upset he started cursing. “Why are you so upset?” I asked. “I hate the Turks!” he said. “They brought us nothing but misery, slavery and witchcraft. They took everything green in the land. They destroyed the trees, the land and everything else. They cut down every tree to build railways. There was nothing but hunger and starvation during the time the Turks ruled over this land.” Unlike westerners, the Arab never forgets and neither does the Turk. This will be a repeat of history where the world will plunge into utter chaos.

The stories I heard from my father and grand parents were of poverty and the land didn’t produce much because it was in a severe drought—they would tell me that at one time not a single drop of rain had fallen in what they called seven years of famine. It is a prophecy that is repeated throughout history and is only sparked when the devil rules the earth and is why this coming seven year covenant brings in hell for the earth.

The secular Arab speaking tongue hates the Turk and will always do. A statement from the Iraqi prime minister’s media office said Turkish troops entered its territory without request or permission from Baghdad authorities and called on the forces to leave immediately.

In fact, while so many belabor the Turkish-Kurd hatred for one another, there is a better chance that these two could get along better than the Arab ever getting along with the Turk. The U.S. is blinded by their love-affair with the Kurds. The Turkish Armed Forces in fact, has trained 2,700 Permergas, 2,400 Sunni and 1,400 Turkmen soldiers as a part of the supposed fight against ISIS so far and the trainings will continue.

They say that the movement of Turkish trainer troops from Arbil to Mosul is thought to be a sign of an upcoming ground offensive to retake the city from ISIS. All of the sudden, is Turkey in a love affair with the Kurds, or is it to simply occupy northern Iraq’s oil wealth, then cut a deal with Iran to take its share of the three ribs of Iraq.

It is for these reasons that the east, be it Greek Orthodox or convert Muslims, can figure out Bible Prophecy much better than in the Western who lives in a bubble (no offense).

In the meanwhile, listen, listen closely, you can barely hear it, but I can. I hear it. The sound of the drumbeats. Its the sound of the drumbeats of war and the Greek will soon get what he lost from the years the swarming locusts invaded.