ATLANTA school defends teacher who asked a a Somali Muslim student if she had a bomb in her backpack

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AJC  Sloan Roach, spokeswoman, for Gwinnett County Public Schools, confirmed the incident happened. “The remark was not appropriate, but based on their conversation and investigation,” school officials don’t believe it was made with “ill intent,” Roach said.

Abdirazik Aden, a native of Somalia, told the paper his daughter was going to class at Shiloh Middle School on Monday when a teacher stopped her and asked what she had in her backpack. When the girl replied that she had books in it, the teacher asked if she had a bomb, he said.

Boston Bombers wore backpacks

Boston Bombers wore backpacks

He said his daughter was upset and called him to tell him about the incident. When he went to the school, he says, an assistant principal told him that it was a mistake. “I was upset,” said Aden, who lives in Snellville. “I was going to take my daughter out of the school. (Good, take her back to Somalia)

“We are from Somalia, we are Muslims, we live in America,” he told the AJC. “I didn’t teach my children to hate people or to think they are better than other people. I don’t want nobody to treat them like that.”

That's exactly what the teacher did

That’s exactly what the teacher did