The Second Most Powerful Man On Earth, Tsar Putin The Great Endorses The Arising Most Powerful Man To Be On Earth: Sir Donald Trump The Great. Both Will Roast Turkey And The Earth Will Rejoice For Thanksgiving 

Russian President President Vladimir Putin holds up a glass during a toast at a luncheon hosted by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

By Walid Shoebat

With such a provocative title, perhaps I am a bit over the top. Being from the Middle East, we are a bit extremists and I admit, for me and my house, we are all Trumpoholics.  Now Putin of Russia declared he too is Tumpoholic and says that Trump wants “closer, deeper relations with Russia”. He too hopes that Trump wins and falls in love with Vodka.

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Trump and Putin as it seems will get along better than the Republicans get along with each other. They talk of Putin persecuting journalists forgetting that the greatest persecutor of journalism is a Muslim named Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey where the media is saying nothing of it and are only pointing this out over  Putin’s love for Trump.

If Trump wins and becomes President, Turkey better look out. Trump, unlike these other loons, will get along well with Russia just as President Ronald Regan got along with Gorbachev. Except this time it will not be under times of peace, but in times of war.

My prediction of Donald Trump winning the general elections is far fetched? Maybe.

But maybe not. To the skeptics (who were the majority) said it was far-fetched that Trump would even run prior to his announcement. Yet in mid-April, even before he ran, we predicted not only that he will run but that he would rise to the top and it happened just as we said, even when he first started when he only gained 4%.


Then the skeptics said that it would be far-fetched that he would make it till Christmas and that by then he would fade away and disappear. Well, here he is, a rising star at the top of the poll and Christmas is around the corner.

I looked into his eyes and knew this man is no politician and I trusted what he said while others trusted what the knuckleheads said from heretic Bill O’Reilly (who says that Jesus never spoke from the Cross and his stupid movie killing Jesus had a Muslim play the part) and the dying Charles Krauthammer who called Trump a “rodeo clown”. O’Reilly wanted to set the record straight and correct God, the Bible, Church Fathers and history regarding the most important story: Jesus Christ. The man who threw the word “loon” at others turned out to be a loon himself.

Now they say that its far-fetched he beats Hillary, and I tell ya, he will chew her out in the debate and make minced meat out of her and spit her out where she will remain in the garbage bin of history.

“He’s a very lively man, talented without doubt,” Putin said according to the Interfax news service after the three-hour news conference. He added that Trump is the “absolute leader in the presidential race.”

“He’s saying he wants to go to another level of relations, closer, deeper relations with Russia,” Putin continued. “How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome that.”

Trump in October gave a similar assessment of Russia’s leader, saying he could “get along very well with” Putin despite differences.

This spells out trouble for the Islamist enemies of Russia, specifically Turkey. It also spells trouble for all the other candidates who are antagonized by Russia from democrats to republicans. Current American politics is geared to be anti-Russia, but perhaps the Almighty is intervening in history and He is telling us  otherwise. That is if and when the sovereign Lord who appoints governments appoints Trump.

From the deep-rooted anti-Russia sentiment that is based on faulty biblical interpretations (that thinks of Russia as Magog amongst other faulty interpretations of the Bible), Russia and the United States are  destined to fight the rising power of the second largest army in NATO: Turkey.

We all watched the hypocrites, from Jeb Bush to Carly Fiorina, all candidates kissed up to Islam while  Trump clearly spoke that he will thwart Muslim immigration. Trump responded to the weakling Jeb Bush regarding this issue with: “all I want to do is to make America great again.

The “make America great again” man put an emphases on America’s “military strength”. I read my Bible and it destined the strongest militaries of the world to utterly destroy the Turkish Antichrist: “I will bring upon thee strangers: the strongest of the nations … They shall kill thee, and bring thee down …” (Ezekiel 28:7-8, The Douay-Rheims Bible)


The charming Sir Donald Trump The Great. What An American President Should Look Like. Don’t you love this photo?

And so if God says that the “strongest nations” go against Antichrist, why do so many falsify God’s word to making the Antichrist’s kingdom as the strongest?

But I would like to change the topic to address why so many reverse what Scripture clearly states. Just how do these people think?

Well, lets see.

There are what I call scripture reversalists. The common sense is to trust what the text says. For example, Antichrist will war with the strongest fortresses (Daniel 11) and will not prevail as clearly indicated in Ezekiel 28 where the strongest nations defeat him. Therefore, the strength of the United States and the strength of its president is crucial in the unfolding events of the end of the age, which is set, alongside Russia (the eagle of the north), China (the eastern storm) and other western allies to defeating the second largest army in NATO; Turkey and her allies; Iran and North Africa which the next few years will begin to form a “league” of Muslim states as Ezekiel 30 told us. So we still have time and is why all these date setters  and the Shemitah fanatics including the blood mooners are all wrong and have nothing to show for evidence.


Beware of moon gazers who tell you that the moons are coming and that “something must happen” yet they do not know what that something is.

The reversalist examines only a portion of the text, where for example, it says that Antichrist has “all nations” invade Jerusalem. They say this while they ignore other crucial text where nations are set aside by God to defeat the Antichrist. Instead of solving what sounds like a contradiction, they ignore the text instead of asking that perhaps they did not interpret the verse which has the word “all” correctly.

So you tell them that “all” does not mean “every nation” (for biblical examples click here).  “Men of all nations came to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, sent by all the kings of the world, who had heard of his wisdom,” (I Kings 4:34), did anyone visit Solomon from China, the Mayans or the Aztecs? No.

They speak with absolutism: “there is only one mediator” as if no other mediation of any sort is allowed.

They ignore that while substitutional mediation is a heresy, subordinate mediation is not. While Christ was on earth, Mary interceded for a couple at a wedding where the wine ran short and asked Jesus to fulfill their needs! (Jn 2:5). And when Jesus resists her request to make wine at first, she even uses her motherly charm to overcome his resistance.

Mary was able to intercede between someone and Christ while Jesus was on earth, and can do it even after He went to heaven.

Even the reversalists acknowledge subordinate mediation as in “intercessory prayers” is biblical.

Reality is that both sides of the fence believes in subordinate mediation, but the reversalist only prohibits it for the other side, the side that does not follow the same heresies they subconsciously follow insisting that their denomination is the correct one.

So when you confront them “do you ever pray for others”? They will say its not the same thing as lets say ‘praying to saints’ or ‘asking angels to intercede’.

So when you present Hebrews 12: “But you have come to Mount Zion  … the heavenly Jerusalem” and ask them: what part of “you come” and this place being “heaven” do you reversalist not get?

This is the perscription on how Christians come to heaven!

Never mind that the text in Hebrews 12 specifically says that we come to “innumerable angels” and “to the spirits of the righteous made perfect [saints]” and “to Jesus, the mediator,” that Jesus being the only mediator includes subordinates; angels and saints; are definite subordinate intercessors. Angels and saints do not replace Christ, but are under His office.

The reversalist in unaware that they have the spirit of Antichrist. They, like the Muslims, also swallowed up a similar lie where the Muslim with absolute confidence says, “La Ilaha Illa Allah” (I regard no god but Allah), that Allah is the only absolute intercessor. The use of “I regard no god but Allah” perfectly spells out “nor will he regard any god” spoken of by Daniel the prophet in chapter 11. This is the whole purpose of the Antichrist. Regarding “no god but Allah” is the most important expression in Islam and is the creed of Islam in the Shahadatan, the top pillar of Islam.

On top of all this, we have heretics (dressed in Christian garb) argue that “we all worship the same god” regardless that the Muslim even denies Jesus being “mediator”.

The lesson learned here is that the devil’s goal is to cut out any mediation with God that is in accordance to the prescription of God. Once the spiritual-blood-life is cut, the individual is isolated and is completely separated from God.

The devil’s prescription is simple to cut off the way to God.

The Muslims who “regard no other god” historically and currently have done more bloodshed against God’s people over this one creed than any other force since Adam and Eve.

And in place of all the other gods, the Muslim honors “a god of fortresses” (a god of war).

The reversalist is spotted by their questions: show me where in the Bible does it say we ought to ask saints for intercessory prayers? It is sort of like the snake in the Garden “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” The simple answer is: Indeed, but only if you tell me where in the Bible it prohibits us to ask saints for intercessory prayers in Heaven? Such questions are silly. It is like one asking “where in the Bible does it encourage me to pet my cat”. Well, where in the Bible does it prohibit petting  our cats? However, the Bible gives ample verses where one should not pet a poisonous snake: ” if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent” (Luke 11:11).

Christ Himself is aided by angels (Psalm 91). In Daniel 10, the Jews are also aided by angels “I looked up and there before me was a man dressed in linen, with a belt of fine gold from Uphaz around his waist. His body was like topaz, his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.” He tells Daniel: “Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia, and when I go, the prince of Greece will come; but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth. (No one supports me against them except Michaelyour prince.” 

Michael, and the guardian of Daniel, joined their prayers for the liberation of the Jews.

The scripture reversalists (many are pre-trib-rapture-loving) thinks that Antichrist reigns supreme over the whole globe while they are in heaven enjoying lamb chops and that the Tribulation saints are ducking in caves from fear of the Antichrist. Yet Daniel 11 tells us the absolute reverse:

“But the people that know their God shall prevail and succeed. And they that are learned among the people shall teach many: and they shall fall by the sword, and by fire, and by captivity, and by spoil for many days. And when they shall have fallen they shall be relieved with a small help: and many shall be joined to them deceitfully. And some of the learned shall fall, that they may be tried, and may be chosen, and made white even to the appointed time, because yet there shall be another time.”

They ignore that besides God appointing the most powerful nations on earth to fight against the Antichrist, the faithful too (who are still on earth) are said to gain assistance from God where the Archangel comes for us just as it was in Daniel’s time:

Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia. (Daniel 10:13)

While parts of Daniel 11 was fulfilled in the Maccabean revolt against Antiochus Epiphanies, it is also paralleled to what will happen to the Church under Muslim persecution “because yet there shall be another time”. Here, the one who assists Israel and the Church is the Archangel Michael as Daniel also stated in Daniel 10:21.

And here we live today, in a time similar to that, where an Antichrist like Antiochus arises from Turkey, how can we then try to understand all this without the Book of the Maccabees?

This is a war from within and without: “And many shall be joined to them deceitfully” are the fake  reversalists and biblical gymnasts who render to themselves the title “saints” even though it does not apply to them.

These, like the Muslims, are with idolatrous tendency, who apply to the saints in heaven expressions making them “mere men” calling them “dead saints,” regardless that Christ Himself completely prohibits us to believe that saints are dead or are mere men (2 Cor 5:8, Luke 20:36) while accusing the ones who truly follows all scripture and who believe in their intercession as “worshipping the dead”.

They say this regardless that Scripture clearly says “to be absent of the body is to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor 5:8) which Jesus Himself amply provided verses that equate the saints in heaven as to “angels”:

“they can no longer die; for they are like the angels” (Luke 20:36)

In one single verse Jesus sets the record straight “They can no longer die” and “they are like angels”.

This is clear. To me this ends all arguments.

And again, Daniel chapter 10 throws a great light on the controversy which has unhappily lasted so long and is pushed by divisive spirits, a conflict he had with the prince of the Persians, and that he also mentions the coming of the prince of the Greeks, after which he adds these remarkable words:

“But I will tell thee what is set down in the scripture of truth: and none is my helper in all these things, but Michael your prince” (Daniel 10:21).

Michael, the Archangel is set to intercede and aid the saints. That is, none is my helper but the Archangel Michael, who is ” your prince” that is the princely or guardian angel, of the Jewish people and by extension  the Church of God. Here we clearly have the intercession of angels.

Now it is impossible for even the most superficial reader, not to remark in all these words of Daniel, how completely he uses in regard to angels all those same exact expressions as to the saints in heaven.

To Daniel, His guardian angel, and the guardian of Israel was Michael, the Archangel, while Jesus says in Luke that the saints are “like the angels”.

Such an active agency and interference in human affairs is attributed to the angels.

The Bible is clear about angels assisting Jesus and the saints including taking their prayers to God: “he has given his angels orders about you to guard you wherever you go. They will carry you in their arms in case you trip over a stone.” (Psalm 91:11-12) “he was given much incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne, and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel” (see Rev 8:1-13)

To say that “only Jesus” aids the saints on earth ignores that Jesus commissions saints and angels as Solomon commissioned the best of builders to erect a temple, nevertheless, its builder is still Solomon.

To be made “like unto the angels” (Luke 20: 36) is to be invested with the attributes of angels, and therefore with a similar power of mediation and active interaction in the affairs of men.

In fact, true idolatry is to reject the Scriptures for the deceptions of one’s own heart. The reversalist is like the Muslim who says “Who so disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily hath wandered far astray” (Quran 4:136). The Muslim says he believes in Jesus, the Scriptures, the angels and the prophets, yet he does not follow the clear instructions in the Scriptures and in fact, hist whole purpose is to reverse its meaning.

And its the same with the reversalist slippery fish. If you tell them that in 2 Maccabees 15:12-16, there is intercession for the saints in heaven, he will tell you that Maccabees is not Scripture regardless that Daniel referred to these books and Christ used them. So when you show them clearly that Jesus used the Septuagint Greek, which included these with other books like Tobit, then they will counter that the Jews decided the Canon. Even the Jews admit that:

“When the Canon of the Bible was established, in the 2nd century [after Christ], Akiba played a large part in determining its final form … He declared that he who reads aloud in the synagogues from the non-canonical book [Septuagint], as if it were canonical, would have no share in the world to come” (Vol. I., p. 148).

Reality is, that its not about the Hebrew or Greek codexes. It is about two dead men who chose to take out these books: Martin Luther and way before him, Akiba.

The ones who accuse others of praying to the dead, are themselves following two dead men. The dead Martin Luther followed the dead Akiba/Akiva who believed in a false Messiah. This is who dictates what volume of Scripture we read. Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph, the father of Rabbinic Judaism of the Christian era, which centered against accepting Jesus as the predicted Messiah preferred a Messianic pretender, Bar Kokba who was also nicknamed Bar Koziba (son of the liar) (Vallentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 20); whom he hailed as “King Messiah”.

The reversalist adhere more to a dead man than God, Jesus, angels and saints. Then even if you try to convince them that its in the new testament, they will twist what is so clear, even if it is written in the New Testament where Paul interceded for a saint who departed:

“May the Lord show mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, because he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains. On the contrary, when he was in Rome, he searched hard for me until he found me. May the Lord grant that he will find mercy from the Lord on that day! You know very well in how many ways he helped me in Ephesus” (2 Timothy 1:16–18).

And even if you show them that all biblical scholars from Protestant to Catholic agree that “Onesiphorus” was earthly dead but heavenly living, they will then resort to the final solution telling you that they do not trust history or the scholars for their trust is “only in the Lord”.

This is always the last resort where they reveal their true spiritual nature. This “Lord” is actually them. They become like Lucifer “I am God” saying that only their private interpretation is correct. So when you tell them that scripture is of “no private interpretation” they will give you long essays to reverse the meaning of that verse too.

You will know the reversalist from his long essays to make unclear what is plain and to make plain what is unclear.

They insist to study only the books that spoke of “Antiochus Epiphanes” yet completely drop the martyrdom of the Maccabees, and that gradual trial and preparation of the Jewish Church that preceded and ushered in the advent of the Messiah.

“I am Raphael, one of the seven holy angels, which present the prayers of the saints, and which go in and out before the glory of the Holy One.” (Tobit 12:15)

And here it is very clear in Tobit.

To the reversalist, Chick tract publications, has more authority than Maccabees which is completely denounced as beneath Chick. They would rather believe in any myth over Scripture. Chick says that the Vatican started Islam, Communism, the Masons, and the Klan; that it controls the Illuminati, the Mafia, and the New Age movement; that it created the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and is databasing the name of every Protestant church member for a future inquisition. They say that the first wife, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, was actually a Catholic nun in an Arabian monastery who was told by a bishop to marry him and sow the seeds of what was to become Islam. That her cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal ibn Asad ibn ‘Abdu’l-‘ Uzza was a Catholic priest …

The say all these things while they know nothing about Waraqah being a Nestorian heretic and they never even heard of Nestorius and how his teachings were eventually condemned in 431 and in 451, leading to the supporters relocating to the Sasanian Empire and from there to the deserts of Arabia. They never heard that Muhammad’s spiritual adviser Bahira (Sergius the Monk) who was a Gnostic Manichean Nestorian and an Arian who denied the Trinity, a reject whom the Catholics have nothing to do with.

Missing such keys (The Trinity and how God mediates) is how the devil deceives to block the way to God and is why so many do not understand how Scripture is discerned as it was in the early church. It is Scripture that all cults reject, while insisting they believe in it, and they insist that they only use it.

Choosing who qualifies to do a job from who does not qualify, be it interpreting scripture, or the elections takes a keen eye. In this current elections, we have on the democrat side two old geezers, Bernie Sanders (who is a flaming socialist and he contributed a manifesto on sexual freedom) and Hillary ‘Rotton’ Clinton (Islam’s favorite hag).

Think about it. Both hags have little charisma and panache. They appeal mostly to the mentally ill who want social disorder (I know, there is a lot of those around). Two socialist fogies who wouldn’t qualify in Russia before the wall came down or after. Even from an American view where looks are said to be everything, they really look terrible and Hillary Clinton doesn’t only look like the tired, old, mean woman, she really is a tired mean old woman. Everyone must choose, but choose wisely.


Hillary Clinton is a seriously old hag